Yuko Anti-Frizz Shampoo + Conditioner // First Impressions

Recently I've been focusing a lot more on taking good care of hair, I've been letting my hair just grow for ages without really paying any attention to how healthy my hair was. One thing I've been battling hair-wise for a while is frizz, my hair has always been really frizzy but only recently have I decided to take control of my hair! 

Recently I've been trying out the Anti Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner by Yuko*. Yuko is a brand I'm not familiar with and I hadn't heard of before I was sent these to try out.

I've only had these for a few weeks so I don't want to do a full review yet but I've really enjoyed using them so far so I thought I'd write a first impressions post! I've been using the shampoo the most as recently I found a good conditioner routine so wanted to wait a bit to try out this Yuko Conditioner. I found the Shampoo to clean my hair really well, more importantly though in the few weeks I've been using this I have found my hair to be less frizzy. When I then introduced the Conditioner into my hair routine I found they worked really well together, the Conditioner also helped reduce frizz but it also put the moisture back into my hair and nourished it so it felt soft as well.

Like I said this is only a first impressions post but I'm really happy with how these are performing so far!

The Yuko Anti Frizz Shampoo & Conditioner cost £12.50 each and can be bought here.

Thanks for reading,
Shona x

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