Philosophy 27 Wishes Multi Purpose Balm // Review

Philosophy is a brand that despite hearing a lot about I'm not that familiar with. This is the first product I've tried from them and after hearing so many good things about their range I was definitely looking forward to trying out this multi purpose balm.

'philosophy is a brand that approaches personal care from a skin care point of view, while celebrating the beauty of the human spirit. We believe in miracles and the beauty in everyone.'

Their products look luxurious and already after a quick browse on the Philosophy website I've spotted a view products that I'd love to try. 

'Philosophy products are designed to enhance your skin and well-being with multitaskng benefits and uplifting messages that create a fresh, approachable attitude towards beauty.

I was going to say a bit about the brand myself but Philosophy sum it up so beautifully!

27 Wishes* is a multi-purpose balm that claims to help solve at least 27 of your skin and beauty concerns. I've never seen a product with so many claims! The one thing that everyone wants is a single product to be able to do everything, this comes pretty close! To me this product is out of my price range but when it does so many things I can forget about the price as you'll be saving money, buying one product rather than 27 has to cheaper! Onto it's claims, here are all 27 of them for you!

Cracked Heels, Chapped Knees, Between Toes, Windburn, Sunburn, Helps Soothe, Minor Scrapes, Skin Irritation, Post-Peel Irritation, Stretch Marks, Little Scratches, Chapped Nose, Rough Cuticles, Post Wax Skin, Post Shave Skin, Dry Patches, Earlobes, Hairline Prior to Colouring, Blisters, Chaffing, Ring Fingers, Tattoos, Flyaways, Rebellious Eyebrows, Helps Tame, Dry Elbows and Makeup Mistakes. 

I obviously haven't been able to test out all of it's claims but I've found a few ways that I've found it is most effective! I've always had dry elbows but no body lotion or body butter has ever been able to help it that much or if they have it has been a very temporary thing. As soon as I saw it helps dry elbows I slapped some on and hoped it would work! After a few days of using it I found that my elbows were no longer as dry, they weren't cured but they were getting better.

I've found this also works wonders on my cuticles as well! I'm so lazy when it comes to looking after my nails and despite having a cuticle balm which I love I just don't use it! I have however been using this on my cuticles because I remember to when using it on my elbows every morning. My cuticles have definitely been looking like they are in better shape since using this so that's another use for it!

The consistency of the product is different from any other product I have. It is a clear balm but it feels more like a thick gel, a little goes a long way with this as well, if you use too much you can make your skin feel oily. This product doesn't contain petrolatum as well which is great, it's a blend of natural oils and botanicals. It has a faint herbal like scent, if you aren't a fan of those kind of smells then don't worry because it isn't a lingering or over-powering scent at all.

Overall I really love this product and it's something I think every girl should have in their makeup bag! Maybe I'll update you on more uses that I find for it?

Philosophy 27 Wishes Multi Purpose Balm* | £15.50 | buy here

Have you tried any Philosophy products?

Thanks for reading,
Shona x


  1. This sounds amazing as gross as it is I suffer dreadfully with blisters wide flat feet are not kind! and I would love something like this to ease them as well as be usefully in many other places, such a lovely multi use product!

    Jamie-Lee | Glitter Infatuation | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog!

    1. I haven't actually tried it with blisters yet so when I do I'll let you know how it works :) xx