OOTD // Feeling Western

As usual marmite wanted to be in the picture

For once I'm actually really happy with how these pictures came out!

I bought this sleeveless shirt from Primark on sale a little while ago and I've only really styled it properly until now. I love the western cowgirl style of the top, the floral decorative design makes it feel more girly though which I like. This necklace from New Look, which was also on sale, goes perfectly with it as well! They were made for each other! You've seen these jeans before, they are also from Primark and just complete the outfit really. My shoes are also Primark, can we see a pattern emerging? I thought black shoes would be too harsh for this outfit and I think I was right as these grey shoes go a lot better than my black slipper style shoes.

Also while I'm here I wanted to talk a bit about a website that contacted me recently that I really love! Stylight is a German based website where you can post your OOTDs and also find inspiration for your own outfits! You can choose to 'heart/like' something you find inspiring and it will be saved onto your profile page so you can look at it time and time again. Also when you post outfits you can connect the brands to them that you are wearing. Stylight also have an online shop so when you like something you see you can buy it there and then! You can also see what outfits and fashion pieces are trending so if you want to be a fashionable chick then you can! Overall I do think Stylight is a great place to go for fashion inspiration! Will you be signing up?

What did you think of today's outfit? And what's your favourite part of it?

Thanks for reading,
Shona xx

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  1. I nearly bought those shoes in Primark the other day :)! They're so pretty just a shame the only size left was too big haha. Lovely outfit Shona :) xx


    1. These are a tad big for me but they are OK :) Thank you! xx

  2. I love this outfit, really cute :)

    Water Painted Dreams

  3. My favorite item is the top, the embroidery & tassels are really cute without being too much x


  4. You look great! Jeans, a blouse and pumps is a typical me outfit! xx

    1. Thanks :) It is so easy so it is generally all I wear! x

  5. Loveloveloveeee the necklace :O Shame I haven't seen it in my New Look :(