Guest Post: Simple and Quick Nail Art by Sandra!

Hi everyone! My name is Sandra and I am a beauty obsessed mum behind The Black Pearl Blog.  I like to ramble about makeup, skincare and home decor and I love photography :) When I found out that lovely Shona is looking for guest posts, while she is recovering after her operation, I happily offered my help :) I love nail art, so a quick tutorial seemed like a good idea :)

I recently rediscovered the magic of dotting tools and I have been creating various designs on my nails. It is a simple way of making your manicure look more interesting and fun and all you need is a super cheap dotting tool. You can order dotting tools from ebay and amazon, but for those who don't shop online - a Bourjois dotting tool is now available from Boots and Superdrug.

Instead of using a normal nail polish as a base, I went for leather effect one from nails inc. It is a nude shade called Soho Mews and I absolutely love it. It dries in about 30 seconds and I always reach for it, when I want my nail to dry fast. For the dots I used Ciate Pom Pom - a bright red with orange undertones. I think that the two colours and textures work really well together.

Using a dotting tool is very easy. You simply pour a tiny amount of your chosen nail colour onto a plastic or metal surface (I used a kitchen knife- weird choice, I know), dip one end of the tool in the nail polish and apply it onto your nail. You can practice on paper, if you are not sure how to do it :) It doesn't have to be perfect and as you can see on the photos below - my dots are irregular. You can create many designs with dotting tools, from simple polka dots to fancy flowers or a real masterpiece :) 


A note from Shona: Thanks Sandra for sharing your simple nail art tutorial! This has reminded me that I have a dotting tool lurking around somewhere!


  1. The leather effect polish is so nice but they are extremely expensive haha! The colour of the nails inc polish is beautiful too!

    1. They are a bit pricey, I know 17 do leather effect nail polishes if you want a cheap alternative :) x

    2. I didn't know about 17's leather effect polish. I will have to investigate. I really love the leather effect :)

      Thanks for having me on your blog lovely :) xo

    3. They are really nice :) That's OK lovely, it was a pleasure having you here! xx

  2. Love those colours together - looks sooo cute :) xxx

    Sinead | sineaddreamingagain.blogspot.ie