Guest Post: 1 dress, 3 outfits

I'm really excited to be guest posting here on Shona's blog! I'm a regular reader so it's even nicer! I'm not really a fashion kinda girl but I do love clothes and thought it would be nice to do a post on my summer essential piece! For me this year it has to be the midi dress, they are so versatile! 

I've created 3 different outfits on polyvore for under £50.00 each using the same (cheap) maxi dress, so you can see how one item can be used in many different outfits! 

Smart Day Time - Outfit Cost £46.99 

I think this would be the perfect outfit for meeting the girls for lunch on a summers day (you'll know why the blazers there if your from England! Haha)

Dress - £8.99 - karmaclothing.co.uk
Blazer - £14.00 - 9xis blazer - amazon.co.uk
Shoes - £16.00 - charlotterusse.con
Earrings - £8.00 - warehouse.co.uk

Summers Night - Outfit Cost - £46.99
I really love the simplicity of this outfit, it's plain yet eye catching! I also really like the bright accessories!
Dress - £8.99 - karmaclothing.co.uk
Shoes - £16.00 - nelly.com
Bag - £22.00 - livingroyal.com

Causal Day Time - Outfit Cost - £53.99
Ok, so I was a little over my budget on this one but since I'd saved in my last outfits I thought it would be ok! Haha! This is an outfit I would wear most out of the 3, I'm a flats kinda girl at heart! I love how casual this is, yet still very eye catching!
Dress - £8.99 - Karmaclothing.co.uk
Shoes - £13.00 - thehut.com
Bag - £20.00 - lamodauk.con
Sunglasses - £12.00 - nelly.com

What would be your favourite outfit?
Any pieces you especially love?
Hope you enjoyed my post as much as I have writing it!

Much love

A note from Shona: Thank you Katy for the fab guest post! I love outfit 1 the most, what about you?

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  1. love the second, definitely wear it for a night out xo


    1. I love the bag, definitely need to go out and buy some yellow accessories I think! x

    2. I love this one too! The yellow accessories are so lovely against the black! Xx

  2. Lovely outfits!! They're all something I'd wear too!


    1. :) I think I need to get my hands on a maxi dress and pair it with a blazer, I really love the first outfit! xx

    2. The blazer is lovely! This kind outfit I could get away with for work too! :-) x