GOSH CC Cream // Review

GOSH have recently become one of my favourite brands and that is mostly down to this little product here. GOSH are a brand that I don't hear much about on beauty blogs and they really do deserve more credit. I am guilty of walking past GOSH stands in Superdrug though without even looking at what they had to offer. 

The product I want to rave about today is one of the newest additions to the range which is the CC Cream*. You all know how much I adore GOSH's BB Cream so when I found out they were bringing out a CC Cream I was over the moon and put it straight onto my wishlist! What do I think of it though?

The GOSH CC Cream claims to be an Illuminating Foundation and CC Cream and also claims to be Oil Free. Just like a lot of people I realise that CC Cream's are very similar to BB Cream's which are very similar to foundations/tinted moisturisers! I really don't think they do anything drastically different to what a foundation does, to me they are all just tinted moisturisers. A name isn't going to bother me though, if the product does what I want it to do I'm happy!

Other claims:
Light Coverage
Helps skin to stay moisturised
Protects against the sun with SPF10
Oil Free
Perfume and Paraben free

I really love the packaging of this product, I much prefer it when foundations come in a tube or at least with a pump if the bottle is glass or plastic. I like that it has a kind of nozzle at the end instead of a flat surface like other products. This design means that you can control the amount of product you squeeze out and you are less likely to waste product so it's a big thumbs up from me regarding the packaging!

I have the shade 01 Porcelain which is the first out of the range of 6 shades they do. When I saw there were only 6 shades I did worry a bit that the lightest shade would be too dark for my skintone but it is a very near perfect match! 01 Porcelain is a yellow toned shade, I'm not sure what undertone the other shades have though. GOSH are such a great brand for girls (or boys!) that are pale and struggling to find a foundation that matches their skintone.

I've never really had any major trouble with my skin, hence why I tend to go for Tinted Moisturisers and BB/CC Creams. I do get spots but not as often as some and they tend to clear up quickly. I do however have quite red cheeks and my chin gets quite red as well. My camera and the lighting in the first picture have been very kind to me though and have toned down my redness! I also have quite dry and sometimes flaky skin so I always try and go for something that isn't too heavy!

As you can see this CC Cream gives a light to medium buildable coverage. I find it covers my redness just enough, not completely but I'm glad as I like them looking a bit rosy, makes me look alive! I find this just makes my skin look more even and wakes it up a bit! This certainly doesn't cover spots but I just go over select places on my face with concealer to give me more coverage where necessary. This gives a very natural finish without making you look oily but it still looks like your skin, no one likes it when it looks like you've got layers upon layers of foundation piled on! I find this lasts about until about the afternoon to early evening on me without any powder which is expected as it is a light coverage CC Cream. If I dust a bit of powder over my face I can definitely tell it lasts a little longer but there isn't a massive improvement. I personally have no problem with the lasting time, I'm really happy with how long it lasts on me!

Overall I think I've found my perfect foundation! I really thought their BB Cream was the one for me but I definitely prefer this over it!

You can buy the GOSH CC Cream* at Selected Supedrug Stores or Online for £8.99 (currently on offer for £6.99!)
Buy here

Have you tried this? Do you want to now?

Thanks for reading,
Shona x


  1. Wow! I must head over to the Gosh stand in Superdrug the next time I go in there as I've never bought anything from Gosh before :) xx

    1. I'd really recommend taking a look at the stand! x

  2. I loved the GOSH BB cream so I'll definitely have to try this. You look lovely in the pictures, you have such clear skin!


    1. If you loved the BB Cream you'll definitely love this! Thank you lovely <3

  3. I would never have thought to try this but it looks so good in the pictures. Wish I'd known before I splashed out on Nars Sheer Glow! When one of my foundations runs out I'm gonna have to look into trying this out x

    1. Eek! Hopefully you'll prefer the CC Cream over Nars, save yourself a lot of money! :) xx

  4. this looks great! Xx


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    1. Unfortunately I'm so busy with my own blog and I start sixth form soon so I can't even think about doing guest posts for other people, sorry!

  6. I'm so glad someone did a review of this! I saw it the other day and was tempted to buy it but I always like to research a product and see what other people thought of it. Lovely post & blog :)

    1. I always like to research products beforehand as well, glad I could help! Thanks lovely! x

  7. Where can I buy this GOSH foundation in Porcelain?