Fashion Haul // Primark and New Look

The other day I met up with the super lovely Jayne from whatjloves. We've been talking via twitter, email, text (everywhere basically) for months and months now and thought it was finally time to meet up for a day of shopping and food! Despite the age gap we got on so well and never ran out of things to talk about, it felt like we'd met a million times before! We are already planning to meet up again next year! Obviously we did what bloggers do best, we shopped until we dropped! I thought I'd show you what fashion items I got bought first as I was mainly shopping for clothes.

Jayne actually bought this Primark top for me as a birthday present after we both were drawn to it! This was the first of a few matching items we both bought as well. I don't really have any bold prints or patterns in my wardrobe so this top will be a great addition to my wardrobe! It is very loose fitting and thin material but it isn't see through at all. It is definitely meant as a summer top but I'll just put a black vest top on underneath in the Autumn to make things a bit more cosy! I think this was only £4 so it was a total bargain!

Also in Primark I spotted this dress on one of the sale rails, I fell in love with it but at the same time I wasn't sure. It was only £5 so I quickly put it into my basket so I could try it on. It looks really lovely on and it fits nicely in all the right places. I really love the pattern and think it will be great for autumn! The dress itself is very sheer but it came with a yellow under-dress which I was so happy to see, such a bargain for a fiver! They did also have a light pink version but that really didn't look very nice on me!

In the PJs section Jayne picked up this Hello Kitty Top and as soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it! They thankfully had my size and it was only £2, I couldn't say no! I am honestly in love with this Hello Kitty Top, it is really cosy and oversized, I'm so glad Jayne found it! We also both picked up these cute polka dot PJ shorts, I was after some bottoms so was pretty happy to find out these were only £1! So we both managed to get ourselves a set of PJs for £3, I love hunting out bargains in Primark!

That is all I actually got from Primark that was worth showing, I was pretty restrained and put a few items back, I think you'd be proud!

In New Look I was drawn to these slipper style polka dot shoes! I've been all over slipper style shoes recently and actually have another pair coming in the post that I ordered online! These were only £6 in the sale and will be really nice for sixth form. Jayne also picked up a very similar pair, I did say we bought quite a few matching things! 

Finally from New Look I also picked up this beautiful cardigan with pink flowers (roses?) all over it. Like I said before I don't have many prints or patterns in my wardrobe so I welcomed this will open arms. It will be perfect for Autumn which is just around the corner! This was only £7 in the sale as well.

Have you found any fashion bargains recently?

Thanks for reading,
Shona x


  1. I think that it is so cool that you're friends with Jayne! It's like she's your blogging older sister :)
    Everything is lovely, especially the shoes (I have a similar pair!) and the hello kitty PJs.
    Niamh xx


    1. :) She definitely is like a big sister to me! Love her to bits :)
      Got to love polka dots! If you see the Hello Kitty Top buy it, it is so oversized and comfy, I've ended up wearing it around the house as normal clothes haha! :)xx

  2. LOVE the dress and cardi - might have to go in and pick them up myself! lovely haul and it sounds like you had a lovely day out :)

    1. The more I look at the dress the more I fall in love with :) Let me know if you find them! I did thank you :) xx

  3. I love the dress it's so pretty! x


  4. I love that cardigan - how cute!