A Day at Adventure Island, Southend

Yesterday, my birthday, me and my family went off to Southend for the day! I wanted to go to some kind of theme park for my birthday so I could on go rides one last time before I'm banned for a year or so due to my operation! Southend is definitely a more family orientated 'theme park' and if you are a big thrill seeker it might not be for you. However if like me you don't fancy the big rollarcoasters and crazy rides that Thorpe Park offer then this is great for you. I wanted to write a post about my experience, I've been a few times before to Adventure Island at Southend.

Some of the things I love about Adventure Island is that the longest queue time I have ever experienced there was 20 minutes for the water-rides. On average you'll be waiting in queue for maybe 10 minutes max, whereas at some of the bigger theme parks you can be there for hours! This means you can go on more rides and even have time to do them all again! Also Adventure Island work on a wristband basis meaning that you don't pay to get into the park, you only pay if you want to go on the rides which is perfect for my family as not everyone is keen on the rides!

The park is broken down into 2 sides, there is a variety of rides on both sides though. There are also Dodgems and Go Karting available but you have to pay extra for that, they have all sorts of offers going on though so you can save yourself a bit of money somehow! Also on the topic of saving money if you pay for your wristbands online you can save yourself £5 on each wristband! 

Rage, a Blue Band Ride, is probably the biggest attraction of the park but it certainly isn't the busiest ride in my opinion! I didn't actually go on it in the end because it temporarily stopped whilst I was deciding, I'm not going on a ride that has a few technical issues! Of course I was being silly though and after a test run the ride was up and running again! Personally I prefer the rides more than the rollarcoasters!

I think Adventure Island is the perfect family orientated theme park that is cheap but still a great day out! 

There is a new addition to Adventure Island as well, probably their most ambition ride that will have your head spinning! Time Machine isn't like anything I've ever seen before, it is so difficult to explain so take a look at this video of it here. It looks so innocent when you are queueing up but as soon as I was strapped in I really felt like getting off the ride, I'm an idiot as I didn't listen to my instincts and I stayed on. This ride is really really good for thrill seekers but for the people who just want to have some fun and be a little scared this ride isn't for you! I don't know if I am just a wimp but this ride had me feeling sick for hours after. I went on with my dad who has been on something ridiculously stupid rides in his lifetime and the whole time he was grey in the face and look like he was going to pass out! He doesn't get scared easily but he hated it just as much as me, we just wanted it to be over haha! I could barely walk after, I didn't go on many rides after that! 

If you want to see a few more pictures of the day there are some on instagram, linked below!

Overall I think Adventure Island is great and I would definitely return there again! I just don't think Time Machine was quite right for me!
Adventure Island

Thanks for reading,
Shona x


  1. Looks like a lot of Fun!

    kisses :)

  2. Happy late birthday! We drove down to Southend at the beginning of Summer but none of the rides were open, such a shame because it looks like a lot of fun!

  3. Looks like a lot of fun! I went to Southend a couple of weeks ago and rode Time Machine - as soon as the ride started moving I instantly regretted it! Not good with dizzy rides :P Glad you had a good time though :) Xx

    1. Glad I'm not the only one that hated it! There were loads of little kids coming off it fine so I assumed I was just a wimp haha :) xx