Sleep in Rollers // Review

I've heard lots of mixed opinions about the Sleep in Rollers so when they offered to send me a set to try out I said yes, I was very intrigued to see if you could really sleep in them!

I was sent the Beauty Kit Gift Set* to review which costs £27.95

The Sleep in Rollers come in their own bag, which is very handy as you automatically have somewhere to store them! The Beauty Kit Gift Set also comes with 10 pairs of lashes, very scary looking lashes! These might be normal to some people but to me they look very oversized and completely unwearable! I of course went ahead and tested a pair out and they are the most uncomfortable lashes I have ever worn! That is basically the only extra you get to make it a beauty kit! The original Pink Sleep in Rollers that comes with 20 rollers (all you need!) costs £17.95 so with the beauty kit you are just paying an extra £10 for ten pairs of unusable lashes!

It also comes with, I think 60(?), hair grips to keep the rollers in place, they aren't any different from your normal everyday hair grips though. Onto the actual rollers though.

I put them on, it was pretty straightforward, if you are a newbie to rollers though they include a few step by step instructions to help. They felt fine in my hair, until my head touched my pillow. I tried and tried and tried to fall asleep with these in but I just couldn't! I didn't want to give up so I took out a few rollers to try and make things a bit more comfortable, that didn't work though! In the end I did just have to give up and take them out. In my opinion you can't sleep with these in!

I suppose you could use them during the day if you are going out in the evening but then they are just like any other rollers, you could go out and buy some cheaper ones!

As you can tell I personally didn't get on with these!

Have you tried them? What did you think?

Thanks for reading,
Shona x

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  1. Aw what a shame! The lashes do look a bit scary haha!

  2. I used these the other day and surprisingly it was okay! I fell asleep after a while and really liked the results.
    Not sure about the lashes though!
    Hareem xx

    1. I guess it is just different for everyone then :) xx

  3. The lashes looks very pretty, definitely nice when used photoshot :)


    1. They'd be good for a makeup artist but not an everyday makeup wearer xx