Seventeen Lip Crayon in Playful // Review

OK, I know, another chubby stick dupe! I've seen countless people say how they are bored of them now but for me the obsession continues as more and more brands jump on the bandwagon! With a collection of  9 now from 4 different brands you'd think I would have stopped by now...

The latest product to join my collection though is Seventeen's offering, their Lip Crayons. The lovely Jayne sent me this after it being on my wishlist for a while!

The package is the same as the rest, nothing particularly stands out. It has the same twist up mechanism which is very handy. It costs £4.99 so it isn't quite as cheap as MUAs at only £3 but it's a bargain next to Revlon's at £7.99!

I have the shade Playful which is a pretty simple pink, great for everyday wear. You can wear it sheer or build it up more, either way it looks lovely. I find this stays on my lips for about 3 hours before it starts to fade and after about 4 hours it's gone. It has a glossy effect and it glides on with ease, it feels really moisturising. It doesn't dry your lips out during the day either, when I wear this my lips feel soft and moisturised the whole time. Also the pencil like shape means you can apply the product with precision and ease.

Personally this is another winner in my eyes! Highstreet brands are getting it really right in the lip balm/stain area and I can't wait to get my hands on some more shades from Seventeen!

The Seventeen Lip Crayon's come in 5 shades: Superstar, Playful, Bold, Heartbreaker and Knockout.
They cost £4.99 each and can be purchased from Boots, you can buy them online here.

Are you still loving balm stains or were you never in love with them?

Thanks for reading,
Shona x

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  1. This is such a pretty shade! It looks lovely on you :) Great review!

    Jess xo

  2. Looks very pretty..but how would you sharpen it?


    1. You don't, it has a twist up mechanism as I stated in the post x

  3. I have one of these in an orange colour and I am so impressed with it! that shade looks lovely on you :)


    1. They are really nice, probably the most moisturising balm stains I've come across! Thanks lovely :) xx

  4. This is a pretty shade and really suits you :D
    Would you believe I've not tried many lip crayons, every time I read your reviews I'm like "MUST BUY THEM" haha

    I should take advantage of the MUA offer - spend £25 get £25 worth of products free - and get a few, but I'm trying to be good. Haha. I may treat myself to some at the end of the month. Which brand would you recommend? OR are they just as good as each other?

    Juyey xx

    1. Thank you lovely! Aha, I go on about balm stains so much :)

      Definitely! I'd say Revlon are the best for staying power, MUA are good for moisture and are well pigmented but don't last that long, I like LOOK Beauty's but not enough to buy more and Seventeen are all round fab! xx

  5. This is lovely! Defo gonna check these out as I seem to keep losing all my Revlon ones on nights out. I don't know why, I never lose things normally. Haha!

    Lizzie's Luxuries

    1. :) Oh dear! I lost my Maybelline Baby lips a few months back but I finally found it the other day so you aren't alone in loosing lip products aha :) x

  6. This is a really pretty shade, I don't think you can go wrong with a balm stain as they're so easy to wear xx