#hertsbedsmeet // Photos and What we did!

Yesterday after a lot of planning the #hertsbedsmeet finally took place! All of the planning was worth it in the end though! I think there were around 12 of us at the start of the meet up and the first thing we did was head to the shops! The meet up was held in St Albans.

Photo credit to Courtney

All 12 of us!

Jenny | http://www.cardigansandnails.blogspot.co.uk/
Sarah | http://sarahsbeautyemporium.blogspot.co.uk/
Amy | http://amyysarah.blogspot.co.uk/
Bex | http://www.ialwaysbelievedinfutures.com/
Courtney | http://www.courtzmelv.com/
Jess | http://www.jessicullxo.blogspot.co.uk/
Sarah | http://knickersandnailpolish.blogspot.co.uk/
Emily | http://saving-emily.blogspot.co.uk/
Emily | http://rosella-beauty.blogspot.co.uk/
Hannah | http://beginnersbeauty.com
And me!

Picture credit to Courtney

After wondering around The Body Shop, TkMaxx and New Look we headed to LUSH. We introduced ourselves and what we did and the staff were lovely, telling us about their new perfumes and they gave us all a cleanser sample each! The staff in the St Albans store were so lovely. Then to our surprise they asked if we wanted to be in a picture that a photographer from a local paper was taking to go with a article about the kissing world record attempt LUSH did. I think we were all pretty chuffed and will be waiting for the picture to come out!

Photo credit to Courtney

We also headed to Bare Minerals and went swatch crazy! I found the most gorgeous lipstick in there but didn't find out the shade, such a bad blogger!

Of course we headed to Boots, Superdrug and Space Nk! It was my first time in Space Nk and I will definitely be going there again!

We also went for lunch in Wetherspoons, unfortunately Emily, Jenny and Sarah weren't able to join us for this. After that a few of us had another little browse around the shops and then headed off home! I took lots of pictures during the day but also some of these pictures are from Courtney! I thought I'd show you the rest of the pictures!

Photo credit to Courtney

I had so much fun and it was all round a really nice day! We were of course all super nervous at first but by the end of the day it was like we'd known eachother for ages! I urge you all to go and check out the other girls blogs as they are all so lovely!

It looks like there is already another meet up being planned for around Christmas time as well, I can't wait!

Look out for a haul and OOTD post tomorrow!

Thanks for reading,
Shona x

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  1. Great post, Shona! It was a really fun day! Laughing at my awkwardness in most of the photos, aha x

    1. Thanks lovely :) It was, can't wait to do it again! xx

  2. Looks like it was tons of fun , great post and love the pics.

    I want to take it all with @irinadoman and I’ll take it all Blog

  3. Aww this looks like such a fun day! :)
    I'd love to come if there's another one, I'm from Watford!


    1. :) We are planning another for around Christmas time, follow: https://twitter.com/shootingstaremz for updates etc :) xx

    2. I live right near watford too! I'd love to come to the next one :) x

    3. Would love both of you to come! xx

  4. Oh my gosh I wish I knew about this! I live not far from st. Albans! Looks like you all had a really lovely day :)

    Jamie-Lee | Glitter Infatuation | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog!

    1. You have to come to the next one! Would love to meet you! xxx

  5. Was so good to meet you Shona, must see you after your op for a coffee or something. Love the photos you took and thanks for crediting me too! xx

    1. You too Courtney! Definitely! That would be fab :) Thanks lovely, that's ok :) xx

  6. Looks and sound like you had a fab day xx


  7. Hi darling!

    Thanks for the feature, I'm so very sorry that this comment is this late! xx It was great meeting all of you for the short time that I did (shame I had to go to work later, and earlier the buses messed around lol x_x)

    Anyway I will need to do a return shoutout at some point. It'll probably be on youtube as I'm focusing on the New Zealand earthquakes at the moment on my other blog, but I'll link you up when I do! I need to catch up on a few shoutouts for other people too!

    Anyway thanks once again for the feature and take care! xx

    1. It was great meeting you- thanks lovely! xx