Guest Post: Precious's Fashion Wishlist

Hi, guys my name is Precious, yes precious from the movie 'Precious'' although I'm not her but, I get that a lot. Actually I don't. Sorry about my horrible jokes, clearly I'm not a comedian. I apologize that Shona isn't here today and I am taking over. I've taken over Shona's blog today to share my summer wish list which consists of everything from my new favourite store River Island. So, here we go hope you like them as much as I do.


 This pink tribal print cut out tube dress is perfect for a night time out with the girls and ladies if you are curvy then this is the summer night-out dress for you. It is very figure hugging and if you're not too sure about it let me put it in the words of Beyonce '' if you got it, flaunt it."

This bright green geometric print maxi dress is beautiful, this is the dress I want the most out of all of them. Why do I love it so much? Simply because it's just beautiful, shock your wardrobe with a blast of colour this summer, that's what I'm doing! This dress can be worn with pink, purple, or yellow shoes and it's perfect for the sun.

This dress is very sweet and cute, I usually don't go for these types but this ones an exception because it's tribal print and I don't know why I have been obsessing over tribal print this summer but bare with me because tribal prints are just the best. It can be worn for a day out in the sun and we girls know how that usually ends up...bags and bags and did I mention bags


 This playsuit is so cute because it's neck line makes it so different and not very playsuit-like but its great for a little picnic in the sun its super chic and it's got polka dots on.

 I know, I know the aztec prints are back again but c'mon it's a cute playsuit and it's blue, one of my many favourite colours,  it's just beautiful and I love it, it's very simple.

I personally love this one because its very cute and it's black and yes I know black attracts heat but look at the neck line and the diamonds around it, you can pair it with almost anything because its black, and black goes with anything and if you want to wear it up just pair it up with a belt and a nice pair of silver-like shoes (heels preferably).


 Being a new-yorker once before i saw this shirt and i fell in love with it. The tiger drawing makes it look a bit edgy and fierce and I love the rolled up sleeves. Its a perfect summer shirt because I can wear it up with wash off boyfriend jeans and a pair of simple heels or wear it down with shorts and vans. 

White is one of my many summer colours because it's almost no colour, this shirt is so cute and I love it because of its neck line and it's beautiful, you can pair it with high wasted jeans and a pair of white or orange heels and if you like it like I do you better get it quick because it's limited edition.

ooooohhh this bad-boy is a keeper. It's graphically beautiful and I say this is a summer must have and most likely whatever you pair it with you'll still look good. I think the shirt is very urbany and cool, just my opinion. 


 Anyone that knows me will tell you that i don't wear skirts but this skirt is very nice and aztecy and it has a whole bunch of colours and its so cutesy and it's a type of skirt you can wear up and down depending on how you want it but honestly i think that curvy girls will rock this skirt more. 

Bam! Pow! Yeah those are the sounds that super heros make! Okay so this skirt is so nice and its very playful and young and fun its cute and yes I say it's a summer must have. 

 I don't usually like maxi type skirts but I don't even know why I love this one but I guess because it's plain and simple, easy to style and its pretty girly and also mature at the same time but also playful and I just love it.

Here we go again with the prints I don't know what's up with me but this is an amazing skirt and I feel like it doesn't limit you to only wear one colour and I feel like it would allow for a colour mix up which everyone should be doing this summer! Its all about the matching of colours. 

I have a dying love for high waisted anything but mostly jeans and river island have the best ones, the wash off color is a bonus, they have it in different colours and others with a slimmer waist. 

These boyfriend jeans are so nice and I love the colour and it's a nice look and can be worn up with heels or worn down with converse and any colour shirt is fab and any type of shirt is also good especially with crop tops. I also like the fact that it's not just plain it has ripped lines which just gives it more edginess and  personality 

These shorts are so cute and the detail is very nice and cute and I love the colour.
 I'm back with the prints  and I love the way the patterns interlock with eachother.

Loving these black block heels black sandals honestly, they are like the new trend, I first saw it on rita ora and thought they looked fab and ever since then these shoes just got more and more popular and now I think everywhere I go I see them its almost like they are haunting me but I don't mind as long as I get them in my closet.

These gladiator sandals are amazing for just a simple day out nothing spectacular but also fun and it's cute and I really like it and if you're not too crazy about the brown  then its okay they also have it in black.

I'm not a fan of pink but this bag is so cute that I can overlook my hate for the colour pink, but its really cute and I'm sure having a little backpack wouldn't hurt to carry around this summer.

These are cover-ups and yeah if you're at the beach and you're not comfortable walking around in a one or two piece you can throw on one of these cover ups and still look fashionable

 I hope you guys liked my wishlist , thanks for giving me your time!

Don't forget this summer be BOLD  be COLORFUL be FIERCE   
-Precious xoxo

A note from Shona: Thank you Precious for guest posting on my blog! There are some fab pieces from River Island here!
Everything mentioned in this post can be bought from River Island In-Store or Online here.

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  1. Great guest post! Love the "Pow!" skirt but can't find it anywhere on their website :'( x

    1. :( That sucks, I've seen Primark have some midi dresses with cartoon words on them so maybe they also have skirts? xx

    2. Ooh, thanks - I'll take a look! X

    3. Hope you find something! xx