Guest Post: Kiera's MUA Collection w/ Mini Reviews

Hello to all of Shona's followers. I'm Keira from blogandmakeup and today I am going to be showing you my MUA collection. I love reading Shona's blog so I am really excited to be doing a post for her while she is recovering from the operation.

I chose to do my MUA collection as I love MUA and I know Shona does too so I thought it would be a good post. I love how cheap MUA are and the fact they are such good quality.


The first nail varnish I have by MUA is Amaretto Crush. This is a lovely soft pink nude type colour. I love this colour for when I have a tan as it looks really nice and summery. The bottles are like a copy of Essie but smaller. These are £1 which if you ask me is a great price.

My second and final nail varnish by MUA is Plum Noir. A lovely dark purple colour. I haven't worn this yet as I think it is more of a colour I would wear towards Autumn and Winter. Like the other one this is in the Essie type bottle and also costs £1.


Here are my MUA lipsticks. I love MUA lipsticks as they are such good quality and yet again very cheap. I have 4 shades which until I took these pictures I never realised how similar the colours are. I have shade 11. 10, 5 and 4. The only one that isn't a brown/neutral is shade 5 which is a sheer glittery pink. I also love how they have a lipgloss on the bottom of these. Like Most MUA products these are only £1.

I also have 3 of the Power Pouts. These are a dupe for the Clinique Chubby stick, Revlon Just bitten and other balm stain like products. I had wanted to try the Revlon ones but I had a feeling MUA would bring their own version out and I was really happy when they did. These smell and taste very minty. They are highly pigmented and last for a long time. I have the shades: Rendezvous; A neutral pink/brown. Broken Hearted; A bright Pink and Runaway; A coral/ Orange. These are £3.

The final lip product is a Lip Boom. I have it in 'Bring It On.' On one end it is a bright matte red and the other side is a rose gold glitter type colour. You can vary the way you wear these, you can wear either of them alone or you can wear them together. I only wear the rose gold glitter lip gloss side as the bright red matte lipstick really doesn't suit me. These are only £3.


The first face product I have is the BB cream in light. Last year I wore this every day without fail but I have only used it once this year. This is my second tube of this and I do love it and will probably start wearing it a lot more now we are getting into summer. This costs £4.

The last face product is a blusher in shade 1. This is a lovely subtle pink peach colour which gives a natural hint of colour to your face. The packaging on these blushers are a little flimsy but the product is still really good. These are also £1.


Moving onto my final section which is eyes. First up is my Professional Eyes Primer. I have really oily eyelids so a primer is a must have for my eye makeup to stay on. This keeps my eyeshadow for a lot longer than it would if I never wore it. This costs £2.50

I also have my liquid eyeliner. I could never do liquid eyeliner but I went to apply it about a week ago and it went on fine so now I have been using this every single day. The applicator is really good and it is easy to apply. This is amazingly cheap and I will keep on buying this as it is only £1.

The last and final thing I have to show you is the MUA eye pencils I have 4 of these which my Mum gave me as she didn't wear them. I haven't tried these yet but I am interested in using the brown and silver. The four shades I have are Malt Chocolate. Lovely Lilac, Pink Sparkle and Silver Sparkle. These are £1.

Well that's all! Thank you Shona for letting me do this post!


A note from Shona: Thank you Keira for sharing your MUA Collection with my readers! I love MUA so was fab to read about some of your favourites. 
You can purchase MUA products from selected superdrug stores or online here.

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  1. I love MUA power pouts and MUA nail polish ^_~ thanks for review dear :)