Guest Post: ELF under eye concealer and highlighter // Review

I ordered this duo ended product ages ago from the UK elf website and I have not reviewed any of the products I got and I have been using this everyday!
This product has a concealer on one side and a highlighter on the other which is really practical as I always forget to highlight. The packaging is really small and feels of a good quality which I really like. Each side has a little sponge brush which means you can precisely place the product on your face.

The concealer is a light, thin coverage formula which makes it good for use under the eyes and you can blend it in really easily. It doesn't provide really high coverage so I often use my thicker S&G kick ass concealer as well. The lasting power is quite good at about 4 hours and this does not settle into fine lines or crease which is also good. I would not however use this on blemishes as it is very highlighting and nobody wants to highlight blemishes... ever.

The highlighter is also really nice. It has a thin formula which again makes it easy to blend. I have this little duo product in fair which is the lightest shade so the highlighter is white in colour but if you had the next shade I'm fairly sure it would also be the same. I like using this on the tops of my cheek bones and down my nose to highlight those areas. And the effect of this is not really in your face, it just gives a beautiful glow which you catch when you move your face around. The lasting time for this is about 3 hours which is quite good and I suppose your highlighter staying on is not as vital as your concealer.  I really like this as well.
Overall, I really like this product and it is really good for on the go/travelling because of the handy packaging. If you have quite minor under eye circles or want something really illuminating over the top of your regular concealer, I would definitely recommend this!

Lovely Packaging
Nice Brush
Blendable formula
Very Illuminating
Lovely Highlight
Good to travel with

Only available online in the UK
Does not last all day (but not too bad)
You can purchase this here for £3.75

Beauty and the Budget

A Note from Shona: Thank you Emily for guest posting on my blog, ELF is brand that I really need to try more products from, I might look out for this in the future!
I couldn't actually find this on the ELF website, sorry!

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  1. This sounds really handy, especially for travel! xx

  2. The highlight looks a little stark but if its blendable then it would end up looking quite pretty in the light. Sounds like a little gem ^_^

    from Brigitte at // BreezeyBee Blog | BlogLovin'

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    1. It does but you could always put it under your foundation if you are using something light coverage or you could use something like a buffing brush to blend it in :) x