Beach Perfection // 5 Must Have Fashion Pieces

As the weather heats up in the UK people are starting to think about summer fashion and poolside fashion is a big element in that! In the UK it is more beach fashion and abroad it tends to be more poolside fashion, I think the same things fashion pieces apply though! I've got 5 fashion items to show you for lounging around by the pool, splashing around in the sea or even for a evening jog on the beach!

First up you need to pick out a bikini, swimsuit or a tankini! I personally don't like bikinis on myself so I've picked out a swimsuit! Wearing a swimsuit doesn't automatically mean it has to be boring though, I found so many gorgeous patterned ones online, you can even get ones with cut outs like this one from Missguided! I love the pattern on this swimsuit and paired with its blue shade it is great for the pool or beach as it reminds me of waves!

Next I've picked out a little dress from New Look that is perfect for putting over your swimsuit/bikini for a walk on the beach! Dip hemmed dresses are really in at the moment and I love them, it changes up this plain white dress into something a bit more exciting! Strapless dresses are great for summer as well because it means if you tan (or burn!) you won't have any lines from top's or bra's straps. Of course if you are wearing your swimsuit/bikini you will but you could always wear a strapless one!

Of course for the beach/pool you need a pair of sunglasses! Why be boring though, step out of your comfort zone and pick up a pair of round sunglasses like these ones from Asos! Round sunglasses are best for square face shapes as they help to balance your face out. There are all sorts of types of sunglasses out there though and there are some for everyone so just try some on until you find a pair you like!

Sandals are a must have for a beach holiday! They are a summer must have overall as well. It is always good to have a few pairs of sandals in your wardrobe and you can't go wrong with studded ones! I personally don't like sandals that are like flip flops with the part that separates your big toe from the rest so these Topshop ones are perfect as they just have bands that go across your feet! You can never go wrong with black either and they'd go perfect with the white dress, monochrome is always in!

Finally I think it's always best to have a pair of comfortable and safe footwear, especially on a beach holiday! Chances are on holiday you might be doing a lot of walking, whether that is to or from the beach or into the local town. Sandals and flip flops look fab but I know by the end of the day my feet are killing me. Also these Hi-Tec Zuuk shoes are perfect for if you are planning to work out on the beach. I know that when I'm at the beach I love going on short jogs with my younger brother so it is always best to have a pair of comfy shoes with you! Also they are in a very pretty shade of pink, perfect for summer! I know a pair of trainers/comfortable walking shoes won't be at the top of everyone's packing list but I think if you are going to be walking a lot they should be on there!

There you go, there are 5 fashion pieces that I think are perfect for a beach holiday or for when you are around the pool! There is something for everyone, if you want to lounge around by the pool or if you want to go for an evening jog along the beach!

What's one of your must have holiday fashion pieces?

Thanks for reading,
Shona x

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