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My second Platinum Advertiser for July is the lovely Ashleigh who blogs over at Magazines & Models! You might already know a bit about Ashleigh's blog from reading my monthly advertisers posts but I wanted to let you know a bit more about her blog, more about her and hear about some of my favourite posts!

Ashleigh is a Beauty, Lifestyle and Fashion Blogger like myself and she lives on the south coast of England, so jealous, I'd love to live at the coast! As her blog name would suggest she loves reading magazines and is obsessed with the modelling world! 

Ashleigh's blog really is a variety of lifestyle, fashion and beauty, I love it! One day she might be posting about a fashion piece and the next about her favourite beauty products! Just recently she posted about some Poundland bargains she found. Everyone knows you can find Dainty Doll on Fragrance Direct but Ashleigh found Dainty Doll in Poundland not too long ago! So, if you aren't up for ordering online you could always pop down to your local Poundland to pick up a few bargains!

On the fashion front Ashleigh recently featured a gorgeous Kimono in a recent OOTD! I don't own a Kimono nor have I ever owned one but I'm being more and more drawn to them now! In this post Ashleigh featured 2 different outfits to show her readers how versatile the piece is and how you could wear it, I love it when people give multiple outfit ideas to go with a piece of clothing!

Overall I really enjoy reading Ashleigh's blog and I hope you do too when you go over and take a look!

Blog Lovin' | http://www.bloglovin.com/en/blog/6482737
Twitter | https://twitter.com/magsandmods
Instagram | http://www.instagram.com/ashleighkybert

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