TAG | Colours of the Rainbow- Nail Edition

I've seen lots of people doing the Colours of the Rainbow Tag recently and it has interested me a bit but not enough to do it, you all know that I'm not a massive fan of tags- especially ones where you just answer questions! However, when I saw that Claire had tagged me to do her Nail Version of this I knew I was going to do it! I'm a big nail polish lover and my collection is growing fast however, as you'll see I'm missing a few colours of the rainbow!

My favourite red nail polish is Seventeen's Supreme Shine Nail Polish  in Risky Red. I never used to like red nail polish but this shade changed my opinion on them! This is a beautiful tone of red and I really like the formula of these nail polishes as well.

You probably could I have guessed I was going to pick Revlon's Brilliant Strength Nail Polish in Provoke. I have been all over this shade recently and it is so perfect for summer! The formula is fab and despite the £7.99 price tag I could see myself buying more of these nail polishes.

I don't actually own a yellow nail polish, leave me some yellow nail polish recommendations below!

This was a easy colour to pick, Essie's Nail Polish in Navigate Her is such a lovely green. It is the perfect Spring shade but I will definitely be taking it into summer! 

Again this was a super easy shade to pick, this nail polish from Miss Sporty doesn't actually have a name but it is pretty easy to spot in stores! It is a bright cobalt blue and is stunning, it is a big favourite of mine! Miss Sporty Nail Polishes are just fantastic for their small price tag, the formula is great, the staying power and the pigmentation!

I don't have a shade that even slightly resembles Indigo!

For violet I went for my Max Factor Max Effect Mini Nail Polish in Fantasy Fire! This shade is stunning and perfect in the summer as it has the most beautiful finish that the sun makes it look even better! 

I'm pretty sure you could have guessed this shade as well, I'm all over Collection's Lasting Gel Colour in Watermelon at the moment! I've currently had it on for 5 days and I've had no chipping, not even a tiny little chip! Look out for a full review/NOTD coming soon!

So, they are my picks! I think all these nail polishes are fab and most will be great for summer! 

I tag:

Hannah- beginnersbeauty.com
Islay- islaay.com
Jayne- whatjloves.blogspot.com
Jess- http://www.youtube.com/jessxobeautyxo

And anyone else who wants to do it! Tweet me if you do the tag or leave a comment below- I'd love to read!

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  1. Yesssss! First blog post I'm really looking forward to writing!!! Thanks for tagging me :D xx

    1. haha :) I thought you'd enjoy doing this tag, it is about your favourite thing- nail polish! I'm sure you have a essie nail polish for every colour! xx