OOTD // Sixth Form Induction Day 1

I thought I'd show you what I wore today for my first sixth form induction day. Lots of you said you were interested and a few said they are also joining sixth form so would help give them ideas so I definitely knew I would be doing this OOTD. I'll also do one tomorrow as I'm back tomorrow for the second and last day of the induction. I'm actually off to Asda to try and find a whole new dress for tomorrow as the Primark one I bought is see through! It looked fine in the changing rooms but 100% see through at home :(

Everything I'm wearing is from New Look! I really love this dress, I think it will look nicer after my operation but I still love it now. It skims over your body rather than fitting tightly to it. I definitely want to pick it up in another colour! It's such a simple piece that can be dressed up or down. I posted a picture on my instagram of a necklace I was wearing but I took it off during the day as it annoyed me, I liked it but it was made out of different pieces so it was so loud! I want to pick up a few statement necklaces though. Now I've seen what others were wearing as well I have more of an idea of what to wear!

Thought I'd just share a couple of pictures of my cats (Marmite and Bruiser) trying to get on my blog :)

Thanks for reading,
Shona x


  1. Lovely outfit! Hope you had a good day at sixth form :) xx


  2. Gorgeous outfit, love the shoes x

  3. Love the dress! I live in skater dresses! Beth May Blogs

  4. Ahh I love that dress! I've been thinking of getting it ever since seeing it in your haul. Will definitely have to next time I'm in town, it seems to fit really well :) Lovely post, hope you had a nice first day at sixth form! xx


    1. It is really nice, I love it :) Thanks Amie xx

  5. Gorgeous outfit! You look amazing. I love the shoes they are so unique and pretty