MUA Power Pouts 'Rendezvous' and 'Broken Hearted' // Review

Every brand under the sun seems to be hopping on the balm stain train at the moment and as soon as I found out my favourite brand MUA had an offering I knew I had to try them! I'm a big fan of the chubby balm/gloss sticks and I have now tried Revlon's, LOOK Beauty's and MUA's. Recently Bourjois, Seventeen and VIVO have also all brought out their own version!

The packaging is very similar to every other brand's out there, it is particularly similar to Revlon's. I have no problems with the packaging and for only £3 it is pretty good, I can't complain.

I have two shades: Rendezvous and Broken Hearted. 

Rendezvous is your classic nude, it is a little pink and warm toned, a good nude for me. If you are like me and like a little pink in your nude shades then this is the colour for you! 

Broken Hearted is a pink, it leans more to the brighter end of pinks than the more neutral toned ones but isn't  anywhere near a hot pink. 

These can be built up for a more bold wash of colour or they can be sheered out a bit, that's what I've done in the photos above. They definitely aren't a stain, they are a balm/tint and the lasting power isn't as great as Revlon's (I find they last for about an hour and a half) but MUA don't claim that these are stains, they do say they are a balm and tint. So everything is OK on that front because you are getting what it says on the product! 

I find these to be nice and moisturising, they definitely have a balm aspect to them. They don't dry on your lips when you wear them overtime as well!

Overall I really enjoy wearing these and they get a big thumbs up from me!

These are £3 each and there are 6 shades available: Broken Hearted, Crazy in Love, Irreplaceable, Justify, Rendezvous and Runway.  You can buy them from Selected Superdrug stores and online at  http://www.muastore.co.uk & superdrug.com

Thanks for reading,
Shona x


  1. These look like lovely shades, I'm always surprised by MUA products x

    Amy / srslylou.com

    1. I've liked nearly all of the products I've tried from them, the quality is fab for the price!xx

  2. I like the look of these xx


  3. Love these I think they're so easy to apply, Rendezvous is my favourite of the two.

    Olivia at Awake Looks

  4. Ohhh these look lovely! I love broken hearted :D xx

    I would love for you to take a look at my blog :) www.fairytalekiss.co.uk

    Jade x

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