5 Products under £5 // Collab with Bex

Today's post is something a little different! A little while ago I did a post/video collaboration with Sophia and I really enjoyed doing so when Bex from I Always Believed in Futures said about doing a Collab post I said yes straight away! Also look out for more 'Top 5' posts from me and Sophia as we are continuing our little collab!

Today me and Bex are going to show you 5 products under £5 that we think are fab! Don't forget to go over to Bex's blog and read her post! I wanted to talk about some high-street products that I haven't mentioned too much before on my blog, minus one product.

First up is Sleek's Blushers which will only cost you £4.49 each. I have two shades but one is limited edition so I thought it made more sense to feature the shade from the permanent line: Rose Gold. This is a bloggers favourite and I'd been hunting for it for a while, this blush was actually given to me by another blogger as a little present at the LDNBBMeet. The pigmentation of these blushers is crazy for the money and they are by far the most pigmented blushers in my collection, they also stay nearly all day. The shade Rose Gold has such a gorgeous rose gold, no surprise, sheen and shimmer to it which catches the light beautifully. I find that I can skip highlighter when wearing this beauty as it adds colour to your cheeks and highlights them. You'd be crazy not to pick up one of these!

Next up is this Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick in 08. These beauties are £5.49 in store but on fragrance direct they are only £1.99! After hearing such good things about these lippies for months I decided to finally order some! I haven't been disappointed. The shade 08 looks quite dark but on my lips it is gorgeous, I'm planning a full review with plenty more pictures soon. They are a dream to apply as the formula is creamy and the finish is my perfect kind, it isn't matte but it also isn't drowned in glitter! Look out for a full review soon.

I haven't mentioned the Maybelline 24hr Colour Tattoos in a while so I thought I would include them because I think they are such a bargain and I am still loving using them. My favourite and most used shade is Permanent Taupe and I love wearing this on its own or paired with other eyeshadows. Since I purchased my two shades the colour range has expanded but the price is still only £4.99. These stay all day and they don't crease on me, I can't find a fault with them to be honest!

Another cream eyeshadow that I adore is my NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk. I remember when I first started making youtube videos everyone talked about this and everyone wanted it, including me! I was so happy to finally get my hands on one and it doesn't disappoint! These are only £4.50 and they are a total bargain. I love the shade milk because I can put it on before using any colour eyeshadow. I find it makes my eyeshadow look more vibrant and it helps them stay on longer. This does crease on me but if I use a primer underneath the problem is solved!

Finally the last product is the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. I know everyone and their mum talks about this but I just couldn't not include it. It is only £4.19 and is by far my favourite concealer. This covers everything for me, it has about medium coverage I'd say so I do sometimes pair it with another concealer, usually to combat discolouration but most of the time I just reach for this as it does the job perfectly. It covers dark circles, blemishes, redness and more!

So, they are my 5 Products under £5 and I'd recommend them all to you! Make sure you pop over to Bex's blog and read all about her 5 Products!

Thanks for reading,
Shona x


  1. I LOVE that Maybelline eyeshadow, it's such a pretty color! It looks really pretty under anything as a base!

    xo aly

    1. It is perfect paired with my Naked2 palette as it goes with all the shades! xx

  2. I love Sleek blushes, my favourite is pomegranate x

  3. I love the collection concealer and need to try the maybelline eyeshadows. We should do a collab too!

    Beth May Blogs

    1. After my op Id love to do a collab, I'm so busy atm with my blog and I'm doing a bit of a series of collabs with Sophia (tattooedtealady) but after my op I would love to! xx

  4. I've being meaning to pick up the 'taupe' Maybelline Tattoo as it looks quite nice, I have 'bad to the bronze' which I adore :)

    Amy xx
    A Little Boat Sailing

    1. I have bad to the bronze as well, I don't use it as much as permanent taupe but I do like it :) x

  5. i love the collection concealer!


    Kamila xx