Questions and Answers #2

You seemed to enjoy the last Q&A post I did so I thought I'd continue this mini series and answer some more of your questions! As usual if you have any more questions about anything then leave them in the comments, they don't have to be about beauty!

Question from Kaitlin: What product couldn't you live without and why?

I definitely couldn't live without my Nivea Hydro Care Lip Balm because having dry lips makes me go crazy! Its my favourite lip balm by far and I always have it close by.

Question from Rae Brooke: Who has been the biggest influence in my life so far, and why have they been so important?

I never have really looked up to anyone or seen anyone as a particularly big influence in my life. I've sat here trying to think of someone but I really can't. Is it bad to say that my parents aren't a big influence in my life? In my eyes anyway, not because they are bad just because really. 

Question from Beth: What is your favourite product for Summer?

Sunscreen with the highest possible SPF. I'd rather have my sunscreen than makeup in the summer. Us pale gingers burn SO easily.

Question from Megan: Would you rather spend £500 on makeup or clothes?

Definitely clothes. My wardrobe needs a major re-vamp before sixth form and I have enough makeup! Despite the fact I could easily spend it on makeup I think clothes would be more useful.

Question from Jessica: What is better cat or dog?

Easy. Cats.

Leave any questions you have below!

Thanks for reading,
Shona x

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  1. I agree - cats are awesome! xxx

    1. :) I love my cats to bits, they are a lot easier to look after than dogs as well aha :) xxx

  2. Ahhh sixth form is the perfect excuse to buy a whole new wardrobe! Yay! ;) Thank you for answering my question too!


    Megan x

    1. :) Yeah, just need to keep in with the restrictions aha :)
      That's ok xxx

  3. I spent so much money on a new wardrobe when I started college - it was great until I lost loads of weight and none of it fitted any more! I'd definitely pick make up now if I had the choice, I have a wishlist the length of my arm! :D

    Love, Hails x | www.hayerlily.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Part of me would want to buy lots of lovely expensive makeup but I know I need clothes more! xx

  4. You get a standing ovation for promoting SPF. It's so important. However, I'd add that SPF should be worn all year round, and not just in the summer. UV comes through clouds, and hits skin even when the sun is a little far away.

    1. Aww thanks aha :) It is such an important thing! Oh I most definitely do, I have SPF in my moisturiser and I use a lower SPF sun screen for the rest of the year as my skin burns so easily. People always think that if the sun isn't out then you are not at risk but like you said it is actually the UV rays that can travel through clouds! :) x

  5. Definitely cats :o) x


  6. i spend a lot of money before i started college too! nothing better than wearing your own clothes to school/college :)


    Kamila xx

    1. :) Definitely, we still have lots of restrictions and guidelines at sixth form though, I mean lots! xx