OOTD // Double Denim

I hardly ever do OOTDs so when I put a OOTD picture on my instagram, despite it not being the best picture quality wise, I thought I'd do a OOTD on here anyway!

If you read my last haul you would have seen this denim jacket in it that I picked up from a charity shop for only £5, I absolutely love it and will be wearing it a lot I think!

Everything is from Primark apart from the denim jacket, you can tell I like Primark can't you!

Like I said it isn't the best picture but I thought I'd do a quick OOTD anyway :)

Thanks for reading,
Shona x

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  1. I really do love Primark a lot too! Your denim jacket was a real bargain for just £5! xxx

    1. :) You can't not like Primark! I don't have one in my town which I hate but I'm willing to travel further to go there :D Wasn't it just, not as cheap as I would have liked from a charity shop but I'm just outside of London so they are all so expensive! xx

  2. The denim jacket is lovely and such a bargain! xo