My Marvellous May Advertisers!

This month I gave away all of the ad spaces/packages on my blog and I loved doing it! I've found some new blogs to read through this maybe you will too?

My Gold Advertisers!


Carly is super talented and I love scrolling through all of the illustrations she has done of bloggers! If I had £20 laying around unloved I know I would get her to do one of me, maybe in the future :) She does posts showing her illustrations and its just amazing to see what she can make! She has also done posts like Artists Who Inspire Me which I find really interesting and of course its another opportunity to see some more amazing art! Another recent post of hers that I love is her My Summer Essentials post! Not only was it interesting to see what her essentials were but she illustrated all of the items, Carly's blog is one of my favourites for when I want to look at some great art talent! She is also a really lovely person and always leaves me such lovely comments, why don't you leave her one?


There is so much I can say about Islay and her amazing blog! Its definitely one of my favourites to read! First of all this girl has crazy nail art talent! I'm always so jealous of the amazing designs she creates but don't worry she does step by step tutorials either on her blog or her youtube, they are always so easy to follow. She recently did a tutorial on how to create Cath Kidston inspired nails, if you love floral patterns and stripes then this is the design for you! I love that Islay's blog is a mix of everything, she has recently done a tag, a post on how to save money, several OOTDs and plenty of nail related posts, her blog is a big mix of everything and I love it like that! I would thoroughly recommend that you follow her blog if you don't already, you won't be disappointed! 

My Silver Advertisers!

I've loved Zoe's blog for a while now and its one of my favourites to read! She is always changing her blog design which is fun as I love seeing all the different designs she creates. She mainly does beauty posts and I love reading her reviews but I like that she creates lots of different ideas for beauty posts, so her blog isn't just review after review! She recently did a post on Beauty Storage Ideas and I really love it, inspired me a lot for when I get new storage!

I only found Jess's blog once she won this Advertising Space but boy am I glad I did! She has a beautiful design making reading her blog a joy! I love reading her reviews and her NOTDs that she does frequently but also some of her more unique posts like her recent Recipe for Sweet and Sour Chicken! Or at the start of April she did a post all about Depression and I think mental health definitely needs to be talked about more so its nice to see more people talking about the subject.

I've been following Beth's blog for a while now and its been to great to see her blog grow! She recently had a illustration done of her by another blogger its amazing so definitely at least go and check out her blog to see that! I love that her posts are precise and get to the point quickly, I love reading chatty posts but sometimes when you are reading a review you just want to hear what you came to hear. I love a post she did at the start of April about some stunning paperlashes, they have always fascinated me!

That's my Silver and Gold Advertisers for this month! Check them all out, they all have really lovely blogs and you'd be a fool not to give them a follow!

I also have 4 wonderful bronze advertisers this month and their blogs are the last 4 blog buttons in the left sidebar, don't forget to check them out as well!

And if you want to advertise on my blog in June there are currently all the spaces still available, email me if you are interested! 

Thanks for reading,
Shona x

Make sure you check out my 2 Gold May Advertisers!
Carly from Carly Watts Art & Illustration 
Islay from Islaay | UK Beauty and Style Blog


  1. Aaw, Shona! Thank you so much for all of your kind words, it really does mean alot to me! You're such a sweetie <3 xxx

    1. That's ok Carly :) You are very welcome, happy to have you advertising on my blog this month! xx

  2. Thank you sweetie :) Glad you've enjoyed my blog!

    Jesss xo