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Hi guys! I'm Rachel and I blog over at TwentySomethingBeauty doing a covering a variety of beauty, fashion and lifestyle topics. Today I'm guest posting for Shona and I've got a bit of a foodie post for you today! 

Let's chat Spring and lightening up our diets from hibernation mode. The time for storing up blubber with heavy meals is over ;) Bikini bod you say? Don't worry, the thought terrifies me too!

I find warm sunny days and laying about in beer gardens with my friends lightens my appetite and makes me long for lighter food than the heavy stodge that gets me through winter. So I thought I'd share with you some of my favorite tips and tricks for eating better in the sunny days!

I don't know about you but I love a hearty homemade soup on a cold winters day. There's something about it that makes me feel nice and cosy tucked up watching the snow. However, soup needs a makeover for spring/summer! So I swap out my hearty vegetable soups for lighter options, such as chicken noodle soup. This soup is so easy to make, low in calories, light and delicious. I love it and it's an excellent easy lunch or dinner option. Or how about taking advantage of all the bright veggies out there and whipping up some squash or asparagus soup? There are literally hundreds of recipes online for yummy spring soups that feature seasonal produce, won't bust your wallet and taste great. Go check them out.

I don't know about you but I find I eat a lot less meat during spring and summer because it sits heavily on my stomach. Swap it out for oily fish, which not only lighter, but equally as delicious. Try salmon with lemon, or with a garlic and herb sauce served with a simple side salad.  Tuna steaks are also great with some newly boiled potatoes and spring greens. Or why not grill some trout and have it with a little fresh bread and butter?  All these fish dishes are light and full of vitamins and minerals. Trust me, we all need a break from red meat and chicken now and again!

Now whenever I say the word salad I swear people groan and conjure up pictures of a boring chicken caeser salad. Not true folks! You can make a salad out of all sorts of things and if you have the interwebs at your fingers you have no excuse for calling salads boring. Some personal favourites of mine include one makes of baby gem lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, avocado, some grilled bacon and either chicken or salmon served with a simple balsamic dressing. Trust me, that'll fill you up! Or be adventurous and try a Thai salad - my personal favourite being crab. watercress, melon, lime, chilli flakes and some soy sauce! Though feel free to replace that crab with lobster or any other fish you want. Take inspiration from America (just not the portion sizes) where salads are a big thing and every home has a family favourite recipe.

Some easy changes to make include simple swaps: swap your bread for a wrap, swap your rice for a pile of shredded cabbage, swap your lunchtime sandwich for some sushi or a sushi rice salad, swap your side of chips for a side salad or soup, swap all those high calorie teas and coffees for water and smoothies, swap your comfort biscuits for fruit and yogurt.
I try to do all these things and I feel lighter and healthier for the spring summer weather and the dreaded flashing of flesh I've not seen in a while ;)

Let me know your favourite spring recipes! I love trying new things out :)

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