Guest Post // Easy Bronze Smokey Eye using the UD Naked 2

Hello, Shona's Followers! :)

    My name's Jade, it's lovely to meet you! Today I'm going to be showing you an easy bronze smokey eye for the summer nights, I hope you like it. I'd also like to apologise for the state of my eyebrows, I'm booked in with Benefit to get them sorted out, don't judge haha!

Products used.

  • Maybelline On and On Bronze.
  • Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette but you will be able to find dupes for every one of these shades.
  • Benefit Bad Gal Lash Mascara
  • Maybelline Black Gel Eyeliner

Step 1: Prime your eyes, I used Maybelline Colour Tattoo in On and On Bronze. Apply all over the lid with your ring finger as it provides the least amount of pressure on the delicate area. Start in the outer corner and work your way in.

Step 2: Take a light champagne colour (a) on a fluffy eyeshadow brush and apply to the inner third of the  eye to highlight and open up your eyes counteracting the darker colours that would make your eyes look smaller otherwise.

Step 3: Use a light bronze shade (b) on a clean fluffy eyeshadow brush on the rest of the lid. Watch out if you use this specific shadow as it does have fallout! Take a tissue under your eye to catch it so it doesn't mess up your foundation.

Step 4: Use a darker bronze on a contouring eye shadow brush in the crease and outer third of the eye shaping the shadow around your eyelid in whatever shape, I usually do pointed but this time I went for rounded. Rounded is a softer look, pointed is more sexy. You can also run this lightly along the lower lash line to add definition like I did.

Step 5: Finally take a dark brown shade and shade in the very outer corner of your eye lightly to add definition. If this part of your eye is darker than the rest, your eyelashes will appear thicker because of the shadowing behind them.

Add whatever eyeliner and mascara you want and voila, you're ready to hit the summer streets!

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