An Introduction to Model Co // Mascara and Eyeliner Review

Model Co is a brand I'd heard of but not a lot, especially in the blogging community. Its a brand based in Australia and it was created by a former model agent. You can purchase Model Co here in the UK on halfpriceperfumes, I actually won this mascara/eyeliner set on their twitter!

 The set comes with the best seller Fibre Lashxtend Mascara and the Eyeliner in Black. 

I've tried a fibre mascara before, the Magnifibres one and hated it so I was pretty unsure about this one when it arrived, it couldn't have been more different though. Unlike Magnifibres you can use this mascara on its own instead of layering several ones to get the false lash effect. Its very black and gives my lashes so much length and a decent amount of volume. There aren't too many fibres in it which I like, making it easy to apply, I don't have to sit there picking off fibres that haven't sat nicely on my lashes! I find it lasts well during the day with minimal smudging, I do find towards the end of the day it is a little smudged under my eyes but a swipe of a makeup wipe can fix that!

I wasn't expecting much from the eyeliner, it was clear that the mascara was supposed to be the stand out product from the duo but, I'm pretty sure I've found a new favourite eyeliner! I love my Rimmel Scandaleyes but whenever I put the black shade on my waterline/tightline it smudges. I'm wearing this Model Co eyeliner on both my waterline and tightline and even at the end of the day it is still there. Its a soft eyeliner so doesn't scratch your eyes and it even comes with a sharpener in the lid! Also its very black, something that I like and very pigmented. 

Overall Model Co have surprised me, I'd really recommend them and this duo is only £6 on the halfpriceperfumes website so how could you say no?

Thanks for reading,
Shona x

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  1. I really like your new layout Shona! Also, that mascara genuinely looks awesome, your eyes look so defined and pretty. xxx

    1. Thanks lovely :) I want to design a new header and blog button as well but an idea hasn't come to me yet! :) Aww thanks, I really love it! I hardly ever wear eyeliner on my waterline but I love it here :) xx

  2. Yikes. Smudg-y mascara, at least to me, is just not worth it. There are so many good mascara out there. Have you tied L'oreal Telescopic? It works really well, and has a non-smudge formula.

    By the way, beautiful lashes.

    1. I love my MUA every lash that stays all day :) I haven't tried the L'Oreal one though xx