The London Blogger Meet Up! #LDNBBMeet

Today was one of the best days of my life.

Me and loads of other bloggers met at Selfridges for the ultimate shopping experience! I thought I'd talk you through my day and I have plenty of pictures to show you, its going to be a long and picture heavy post! If you came to the meet up leave your link in the comments and your twitter name, I want to read all your blogs! And sorry if I miss out any details like any additional people that joined us before the actual meet up! This meet up was arranged by Sophia with the help of Lisa and Sophie!

If you read this whole post then you are a very dedicated reader and I salute you!

I met the lovely and gorgeous Bex at our local train station at about 10am and we had a good old natter. We have so much in common and never ran out of things to talk about, I can't wait to meet again, I know I've found a very good friend :) Then the plan was to meet Lisa on the train, she said she was in the first carriage so we get on and can't find her. Turns out she was on a different train, oops! We met up in the end though at St Pancras :) Then we met up with Sophia and she has the most amazing personality ever! I've got to be honest I thought she might be a bit too 'full on' for me and she was the complete opposite of me but she really inspires me to stop being so shy! Her personality is just so lovely and she is fun to be around! I can't wait to meet her again! 

Then we got on the tube, after already making plans to go to the Harry Potter Studios! I felt like I'd known all the girls for ages as we talked!

Then at Oxford Circus we met up with Sophie, who is also very lovely and has gorgeous hair! :) We all said our hello's and then we headed to & Other Stories! I'd heard so much about it so was very excited, its a very lovely store and I'd go again but its just an expensive H&M, a very expensive H&M! Sophia tried on a gorgeous blush and I'm so glad she bought it as it really suited her :)

I loved the look of the blushers but they were like £10! I'd rather buy 2 sleek blushes!

I fell in love with a few products from The Balm, I shall have to try them one day, the eyeshadow palettes looked nice that Sophia recommended and Sophie recommended the Frat Boy Blusher to me, I love the look it!

Then after that we headed straight for Liberty! I'd never been before and I was very excited, by this time we'd been joined by Charlotte who looked gorgeous in her blue dress, wish I'd taken a picture with her! Sophia introduced us to a £100 Night Cream and it smelt AMAZING, it made the back of my hand feel so soft, but it was £100! After witnessing Sophia have an emotional moment with a perfume we then headed to Illamasqua with the help of Google Maps! 

We all simultaneously got our phones/cameras out to take a picture, ended up bumping into each other!

I loved the look of the blushers in Illamasqua but if we had more time I think I would have asked to get matched to their skin base foundation as they are really good for having a big range of shades! I nearly went to get matched in Selfridges as well, next time maybe :)  

After that we realised we had some time to spare so we headed to the MAC store! It was the first time going to a MAC store so I did a lot of swatching, I spotted a bench outside though and at the time that looked more appealing aha! Also before MAC we went to Muji and we all loved the Aroma Diffusers they had one, me and Bex have decided we want to get one, one day!

Bex, Lisa and Sophie outside MAC

After that a few more lovely girls arrived Kelsey, Laura and Sarah! After having a good old natter with the other bloggers we went our separate ways to get some food, Sarah joined me, Bex and Lisa :) We headed to KFC and got ourselves some lunch, it was lovely to sit down and get to know the others more, especially Lisa as I'd been talking to Bex on the train etc :)

Afterwards we had a mooch around Boots, ooo-ing and aww-ing at brands like Smashbox and Stila!

We then headed to Selfridges early and all met up again to do some shopping! Then beauty bloggers starting appearing one by one! Sorry if I didn't get a chance to have a chat with you, I wanted to talk to a lot more people but time wouldn't allow :( I took pictures with as many bloggers as possible as I wanted to document the day, thank you if you agreed to take a picture with me, I felt a bit awkward asking!

Me, Lisa and Bex. These girls are amazing and I'm so glad they live near me!

Lisa trying a foundation in Clinique- sorry Lisa but I had to include this picture!

The lovely Hannah from Lippy In London and I, Hannah is so incredibly lovely and bought me the Sleek Blush in Rose Gold after seeing it was on my wishlist, I can't say thank you enough lovely!

Me with the gorgeous and lovely Brogan, I've been watching her videos and reading her blog posts for a while now, since she started or near enough! It was so lovely to meet her after talking to her on twitter and she is even more lovely in real life!

Again not a very good picture of me aha! This is me with Marvelle (who I embarrassingly didn't recognise when I first saw her, I thought she would be a lot taller!) Sammi and Sophie, all very gorgeous ladies! 

Finally the last picture of me with a blogger is of me and Zoe, I really love her hair!

If you are in any of the above pictures feel free to nab them and pop them on your blog if you are posting about the day, just make sure it links back to me, thanks! x

I also talked to loads of other amazing ladies during the day, if you saw me or talked to me leave your link below, I'd love to check out all your blogs and follow you all! 

After the meet up most of the girls headed off to the She Said Beauty event but there were some of us left that weren't going so we decided to head off to boots! I had met up with Sarah by then, the lovely girl I was travelling home with! I can only remember two of the girls blog names that we joined, it was only really decided that we'd join them there and then and I'm not good at remembering names off the top of my head. The plan was to type in peoples blog's and twitter names into my notepad on my phone but my charge went down so quickly! The bloggers that I do remember is Indra from Alice in Beautyland, mainly because it was a pretty easy blog name to remember and the last one that was said to me! She was really lovely and had such a nice personality! Also I've just found another one of the girls on twitter, Kimberly! 

After some more shopping it was time to go home :( It was the start of rush hour and the tube was horrible. I thought I was going to pass out! I'm so glad I wasn't on my own!

Anyway! All in all you can probably tell that I had an amazing day! I can't wait to go to more meet up's and I think I have my confidence now so it should be easier! 

Leave me your link in the comments if you came to the meet up!

I'll leave you with some more pictures of the day, enjoy!

 Thanks for reading,
Shona x

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  1. Lovely post, really enjoyed it! glad you had a good day, still gutted i couldn't come :(


    Kamila xx

    1. :) Thanks Kamila, aww :( They'll be more meet up's! xx

  2. Looks like you had a great time :-)

  3. I read the whole post and now I almost feel as though I went haha! Sounds like you had an amazing time :) x

    1. :) Aha, and that's with me cutting some parts out! :) xx

  4. I read the whole post too and probably spent longer ogling your photos! It looks like you had a fab day xx


  5. What a fun group! We also have a Seattle Style Bloggers group but haven't met any of the girls in person yet. They are all sweet on Facebook though.

    1. :) You should definitely arrange a meet up, its a lot of fun! x

  6. Brilliant to met you, we didn't leave until late and still did more shopping! Xx

    1. Likewise lovely :) Aww, fun, I had such a good time! xx

  7. God I look like a freak in that photo haha! Thanks for a lovely day Shona :) xo

    1. I'm not looking my best either haha, you did look lovely in your dress though lovely :) That's ok, thanks for organising such a fun day! xx

  8. It really was a fab day - sorry we didn't get to talk - there were so many people there it was quite overwhelming! I think the blogging community is so lovely x

    1. :) Such a shame, loads of bloggers i wanted to say hi to but didn't get the time, 1 hour was definitely not enough time! :) xx

  9. It was great to meet you Shona - hope you and Sarah got home okay!

    Love Zoe x

    1. It was lovely to meet you too, miffed your blazer wasn't from the UK though, you looked fab in it! We did, was hectic on the tube but we made it home in one piece aha :) xx

  10. Ha that photo of me! Glad you had a good day Shona, was so lovely to meet you :) xx

    1. :) There were funnier ones but wasn't sure whether to upload them :) can't wait for us all to meet up again! xx

  11. Great post! Glad you had a nice day, and it was great to meet you :)

    Some Sparkle and Shine

    1. Thanks :) It was lovely to meet you as well! x