Questions and Answers! #1

When I ran my previous giveaway I asked you to leave me a comment with a question for a Q&A post so here it is! If you have any other questions you'd like to ask me then feel free to leave them in the comments below and I'll do another post :)

Question from Jess: What are your favourite things about blogging?

Most definitely the lovely people I've had the amazing pleasure to know and even meet now! I'd call some of my fellow bloggers really good friends! Also I love getting comments, it really makes me smile, especially when I see that the same people are commenting on my posts :)

Question from Islay: If you could do anything to your hair and change it back if you didn't like it- what would you do?

I'd definitely get a full fringe, I had one when I was little and my mum thinks I would suit one again. I'm not too sure though so I'd definitely get a full fringe cut in!

Question from Georgina: What's your favourite nail polish at the moment?

I think it's Essie's Imported Bubbly. Its such a simple and clean colour that I just love wearing!

Question from Dani: Where is your favourite place to shop for beauty/fashion?

For beauty I can't decide between Boots and Superdrug because both have several different brands! And for fashion I'm going to pick Primark, I can always find something in there and their clothes fit me really well!

Question from Hayley: What is your favourite ice cream flavour and pizza topping?

Most definitely chocolate for ice cream flavour and recently I've been loving having Cheese and Onion on pizzas. We don't buy pizzas anymore, we make our own and they are even nicer than shop brought ones! And you can put whatever you want on them :)

Question from Jess: If you could only buy from one drugstore brand for the rest of your life which one would you choose and why?

L'Oreal I think. They have pale foundation/concealer shades, their lip products are lovely and I've heard great things about them overall. I think its definitely the fact that they do pale foundations that sways me, if MUA could provide lighter shades I'd pick them!

That's it for the first part! Look out for another Q&A post!

Thanks for reading,
Shona x

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  1. I love this sort of post! You should totally get a full fringe, it would look good on you!

    1. :) Me too, hence why I'm starting doing them! I might buy one of those fake ones that is close to my hair colour (I'll never find one my actual hair colour!) just to see how it looks, it would be a lot to manage though as I have thick wavy/curly hair. It would be expensive to maintain! xx

  2. I love how everyone else is asking beauty questions and I'm just like PIZZA. Got my priorities right haha x

    1. Definitely aha! It was a good question, I like answering non beauty ones a lot :) xx

  3. I love these posts, so nosey!
    I think you'd suit a fringe, but I'm dithering over getting one too - they take so long to grow out if you change your mind!!

    Jesss xo

    1. I'm the same aha :)
      That's why I'm not too sure and I'm growing my hair long at the moment so I'd hate to mess it up and have to grow it out again! xx