I guest posted on the MUA Cosmetics Blog!

Since last week I've been excited about today as earlier today MUA posted my guest post on their blog!

MUA are my favourite brand and look out for a post on them as a brand soon as I know there is a lot of drama surrounding them, by me saying they are my favourite brand is not me saying I agree with anything that may have happened in the past so look out for that!

It was such an amazing opportunity for me and never in a million years did I think the lovely ladies over at MUA would say yes to my idea! I'm the first person to guest post on the MUA blog! And let me just say that the two lovely ladies I spoke to, Jackie and Xavia, were really nice and such a pleasure to talk to and work with!

I'd be so happy if you went over and read the post and left a comment, I'm reading through them all and answering some :)


I hope you enjoy it and its thanks to you lot who follow my blog and support me that I get to do things like this so a big virtual hug to you all!

Thanks for reading,
Shona xx

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  1. That's brilliant - congrats! Will read the post now :) Xxx

  2. Well done you - fab post, I'm hoping to purchase a new primer at weekend so I will give this one a whirl xXx

    1. Thank you lovely! Let me know what you think of it :) xx

  3. I enjoyed reading that post! Well done! :) xxx