HAUL // Primark and Superdrug


I went shopping (again) today! I'm definitely not shopping again this easter holidays, I've bought so much in the first few days already! When my sister asked me if I wanted to the Harlequin Centre in Watford I couldn't say no though. I hadn't been to Primark in months so knew I would be spending in there :)

I do apologise about the quality of the photos of the clothes, they weren't the easiest thing to photograph with the sun going down!

I finally got my hands on the new MUA Highlighter, it was the last one on the shelves so I grabbed it as though my life depended on it! It was on offer for £2 so that was even better. Then I let out a little yelp of delight when I saw they had the Sleek Blush in Mirrored Pink from the Aqua Limited Edition Collection in stock! Oh its a beauty, this picture doesn't do it justice but I'll definitely be dedicating a whole post to it! This was a bargain at only £4.49!

Then in Primark the first thing I snapped up is this gorgeous ombre cardigan for only £5! Its too short in the arms but I'm going to roll them up, I thinking its going to be fab for summer. I get cold so easily so even when its like 25C I have to wear a cardigan!

This was also only £5! Its a little too small in the arms but they can roll up. Also its a bit tight around the chest area, I seem to have grown in that area overnight after being flat chested for years! I can always wear it open though, I will make it work, its too nice not to!

This is very me and only cost £3! I'm wearing it now and it fits well and I really love it, I needed some casual but nice clothes and this was probably one of my favourite buys!



Then I bought this beautiful but simple black lace top, it was only £4 (not even on sale!). I loved the black lace on it, I like tops that are simple but have that little bit of pretty detailing! I think I'm well on my way to buying a whole new wardrobe now! I saw some really pretty dresses in Primark as well but decided to leave them as I know I won't wear them until after my operation so I'll get them in a few months time when they are in the sales aha!

Should I do some OOTD's???

Finally from Primark I picked up a new bag which was only £3, its more blue than it is showing though. I also bought some pastel coloured socks, very spring appropriate! Lastly I bought the Natural Look Lashes (only £1!) as I've heard really good things about them and just wanted some cheap ones to play around with.

I think I definitely could have done a lot more damage but funds would not allow, that's probably for the best though aha! Definitely no more shopping for me for a little while!

Thanks for reading.
Shona x

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  1. great haul, i really like the black lace top...think i know what i be doing on the weekend! :D


    Kamila xx

  2. Ah, that MUA highlighter is REALLY tempting me! Agh! Loving all the clothes too, just the things I'd pick!xx

    1. :) Its beautiful, so happy to have found it! I'm such a mini you aha :) xxx

  3. Loving the Ombre Cardigan! I may have to invest in one. Cardigans are one thing that fit me as I don't need to fasten them up. Yay.

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

    1. :) Me too, wish it was longer in the arms though but I don't mind rolling it up :) Aha yeah :) xx

  4. Oooooh, love the cardigan!
    That lace top is gorgeous, and a total bargain at £4!!

    I'd love to see some OOTD's :Dxx

    1. :) I'll see what I can do then, there aren't many places to take pics for them in my house and I'm not really that 'stylish' aha xxx

  5. Oh some great picks! I love the skull t-shirt! Xx


  6. Love the cardigan and the skull tshirt xx


  7. Wonderful Haul. You got some great pieces lovely xx


  8. That highlighter looks amazing! Can't wait to see a review on it! xx

  9. oh wow !! i need to pop to primark to get that cardigan !!


  10. Great haul! I really want to try that Sleek blush, think I need to go and pick it up this weekend!xo