Celebrity Style // Who's style do I love?

I never used to look to celebrities for style inspiration but recently I've been in love with some of the dresses I've seen actresses wear on the red carpet! And with Prom coming up it gives me lots of inspiration. I thought I'd show you some of my favourites that I've seen, maybe it will give you some inspiration?

image from VUE cinemas

I love some of the things Emma Watson wears and I particularly love the leather jacket and shirt combo here! I'd love to get myself a leather jacket. The red lipstick she is wearing goes nicely with it as well. I love how she has turned a girly shirt into a more 'rocker' outfit.

image from VUE Cinemas

When the gorgeous Audrey Hepburn was alive she wore the most amazing clothes! I have a massive vintage charity shop kind of store near me and I'm always in there trying to find Audrey inspired clothes!

image from VUE Cinemas

Jennifer Lawrence looks amazing in this red dress! I know you can't see much of it but she rocks it, its such a simple look as well but she still looks fabulous! I found another picture of her in another amazing dress as well, I had to share it!

image source

All 3 of these gorgeous ladies have lovely style, I think I get the most inspiration from Emma Watson! 

What celebrities/actresses do you get style inspiration from?

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Shona x

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  1. I definitely agree with your picks! I really love Emma Stones style, she's perfect!


  2. Cool post I've become a bid fan of Emma Watson recently so I really like her style :) x

    1. :) I love her hair, she really suits short hair :) x

  3. I love Jennifer Aniston's style... So in love with her dresses :)