Amazing April Advertisers!

April has come around quickly and that means its time to share with you my amazing april advertisers! I only started offering advertising on my blog a few weeks back and I'm really surprised with the interest its gotten! You could kind of call April a test run so at the end of the month I'll ask my advertisers whether they thought advertising on my blog was beneficial or worth it, I'll decide from then if I'll offer it all the time :)

Anyway, onto the advertisers! Make sure you check out their lovely blogs!

Gold April Advertisers


Alexandra's blog is mainly beauty but with some lifestyle posts and even the odd fashion post thrown in here and there, its the perfect mix! I love her series' and one in particular is the sample sunday posts which you will love! Every sunday she reviews a product but only from a sample size, sort of like a first impressions post and as we all know first impressions count. Alexandra may not blog everyday like some bloggers but that doesn't mean her posts aren't fab, she is a great blogger (super friendly as well!) and has a blog definitely worth checking out!


Kerri's blog is a mis-match of all sorts of wonderful things! Her blog is orientated around beauty, fashion and lifestyle posts! What I like about her posts is that they are unique, very different to the typical beauty blogger posts. She recently blogged about how she has customised her own t-shirt, her makeup storage and there are some OOTDs for you to check out! If that's not enough for you Kerri also has a youtube channel that you can find on her blog, she does it all!

Silver April Advertisers


You can tell just from Nikki's blog name that her blog is very unique and different! Nikki is a lifestyle blogger and I love hearing about her life through the different series' she does! Its ok Thursday is one of my favourites, they are all about seeing the positive side of things, something I don't always do! They definitely inspire me to try and be more positive about life.

Sophie blogs about everything and anything on her lifestyle blog, I love it! She blogs about anything from day trips to beauty hauls and she also blogs about some great recipes! One of her recent fashion DIYs has really inspired me to think about how I can change up some of my old clothes to make them more wearable! I really love the mix of topics that Sophie's blog covers.


Kamila's blog is again a mix of beauty, lifestyle and fashion posts! I love her OOTDs and FOTDs, I sometimes wish I could steal her wardrobe, her style is very similar to mine, well that's when I can be asked to look nice! I recently loved hearing about what was on her spring fashion wishlist, I want lots of new clothes now!

So they are my April Advertisers who I think you will agree are pretty amazing, if you haven't already checked out their blogs I'd really recommend you go do so!

Thanks for reading,
Shona x

Make sure you check out my two Gold April Advertisers!


  1. I will be checking all these girls out when i get home from work xx

  2. This is a great chance to get to know of some other bloggers too :)

    1. :) It is, I love reading the advertiser round up posts :D x

  3. I will be checking their blogs! It's good to know new blogs..

  4. Thanks so much Shona! I really appreciate your little write up about my blog so sweet of you xxx