Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion // Review

Its fair to say that the UD Primer Potion is well loved by a lot of beauty bloggers and its lusted over by many more. Myself, I had always wanted to try it but knew that it would never sit in my hands due to its £15 price tag. However, when I saw it on a blogsale for a mere £4 I snapped it up quickly!

I adore the packaging of this product, I love how it reflects the name well, it looks like a little potion bottle! I do have one niggle with it though and that's that once you come to the end of the product it will be difficult to get the rest out. However, Urban Decay did what most companies don't, they listened to their customers!
If you want to buy the primer potion now it comes in a squishy tube so you can dispense the product better, it still has the potion like lid though!

Now onto the product! Its everything I thought it would be and more! The texture of the product itself is really nice and glides onto your skin, its blends out evenly and it doesn't feel heavy or thick on your eye lids.

This primer does its job perfectly, eyeshadows go on better when I use this and they stay ALL day! I even found that one night when I forgot to take off my makeup (oops!) in the morning the shadow was still there. This can make any eyeshadow look vibrant all day long.

I honestly am so impressed with this, before this I used the ELF eyelid primer and I now see how bad it was! 

I'd 100% recommend this to a friend and will be repurchasing once I run out!

The UD Primer Potion is currently only £13.50 on Debenhams and it comes in different shades:
original, sin, greed and eden

What primer do you use?

Thanks for reading,
Shona x


  1. I use this in the squeezy tube version and I love it! I didn't realise that my shadow didn't last throughout the day, but with this I know they're going to last me all day!
    Great review lovely :) x

    1. :) I wasn't realising either until I used this and to see that my eyeshadow was still vibrant in the evenings! xx

  2. I want this now everyone else has it xx


  3. I'm using the Lime Crime primer at the moment which I am in love with. I've never tried this, I wish it was included with the Naked 2 instead of the lipgloss!

    Amy at PaintPotted x

    1. I've heard amazing things about the lime crime one! Me too, I've passed the lip gloss onto a friend. mini primer would hve been better! x

  4. Great wee review! I don't wear much eyeshadow during the day but have been thinking about buying something like this for wearing darker shadows at night! :) x

    Beauty and the Bargain

  5. I really want to try this but Im the same and the price is too steep for me but you got a great deal!

    1. It is brilliant and I think it does live upto the price : )x

  6. Please will you explain to me what the different colours are of this product as I have no clue which to get !!

    please reply to my blog so i know xxx

    Love you to check out my blog; www.imitationisthegreatestformofflattery.blogspot.co.uk and would be great if we could follow each other xx

    1. I'd love to help but I don't have any of the coloured ones so you'd be better off searching on google for swatches :) x