NEW NYC Expert Last Lipsticks // Review

NYC is a brand that, in my opinion, does not get enough credit for its products. Its a really inexpensive brand, like MUA, yet I never hear much about them.

When I first started experimenting with makeup I used NYC a lot but I have even found myself forgetting them. However, when I saw a review on these lipsticks I knew I had to get them.

Modern Love // Air Kiss // Flirty // Candy Rush

Modern Love // Air Kiss

Flirty // Candy Rush

Modern Love is a pink shade with deep purple tones running through it. Its got a some what metallic finish to it and the pigmentation of it is brilliant.

Air Kiss is a bold fuchsia pink and I think this shade will appeal to a lot of people. Its highly pigmented and has a almost matte finish to it.

Flirty is a simple medium pink shade but the metallic finish that it has makes it unique compared to others. Its very well pigmented and glides on nicely.

Candy Rush is a light champagne pink shade with a lot of shimmer running through it. When you take it off it leaves glitter on your lips but it is very well pigmented for a lighter shade, I can't see this being a popular one though.


All 4 shades are really well pigmented and are only a little bit drying on the lips, nothing a bit of lip balm can't fix though!

They last about 3-4 hours on me which I'm pretty happy with, I say it a lot but I don't mind having to re apply lip products. Whilst all of the shades may not be to everyones taste, especially Candy Rush with all of its glitter madness, there are definitely some gems in the collection, like Air Kiss.

But, do you want to know the best bit? These beauties are only £1.99 each! £1.99! Unbelievable I cannot believe how inexpensive these are and my plan is to own nearly all of them. 

They come in 15 shades ranging from your classic red to a more wearable pink.

I really recommend that next you're in superdrug you have a gander at these, when I purchased them last week they were on offer for 2 for £2.99 so I'd get down there snappy!

Will you be hunting these down?

Thanks for reading,
Shona x


  1. Shade Air Kiss looks lovely. I have been loving fuchsia shades lately.

    1. Its so pretty, I never really go for bolder shades like it but I really love this one x

  2. I quite like the flirty one xx


    1. Its really pretty, I wish it didn't have such a metallic finish though x

  3. I love these lipsticks! I have one in the shade blue rosé and its been my go to shade for a while now. Great post lovely, as always :) xxx

    1. :) Oooo that shade looks really pretty :) Thanks xx

  4. Each one looks so lovely on you! I never really consider NYC as much as I should, so next time I see it I will have a look at these lippies,not often do you get quality lipsticks for less than £2!

    Megan x
    PS. I have tagged you in my 'Time Tag' which is based on beauty - http://thebeautypier.blogspot.co.uk/2013/03/the-time-tag.html
    If you wish to give it a go, then please let me know! If not, I still am really enjoying your blog! :)

  5. Thanks :) Not many people do, I really would recommend them as a brand!

    Thank you, I shall take a look! x

  6. i'd love to try these, they're such pretty colours!

    from helen at thelovecatsinc // youtube

    1. :) They really are fab, my best bargain I've found in a while! x

  7. Air kiss looks fab, I really want to try it!
    Great blog, I am now following!
    Katie xx

    Dreaming of Forever.

    1. You should, and at £1.99 its not breaking the bank at all!
      Thanks for following :) xx

  8. I love NYC! I remember using their products when I first got into makeup and it was a lipgloss. Think I was like 13! I need to make a purchase soon because they're lovely products. I do love their eyeshadows!
    hareem x

    1. That was about the age I was as well :) I have an eyeshadow from them and I LOVE it, its so pigmented! xx

  9. Ive only tried a powder from nyc and didnt think much of it but these sound a bit better now!