Montagne Jeunesse // The Best Face Masks!

I've never really talked about face masks on my blog before, skincare isn't something I've been drawn to talk about. However it dawned on me that I'd never told you about the only brand I use for face masks!

A little while back Montagne Jeunesse offered to send me some face masks to get me through the rest of my spending ban, I'd just run out, of course I said yes! I've tried so many of their masks and never once have they failed me. I've used the Montagne Jeunesse face masks for at least a year and a half now. Their masks retail at about £1-£1.50 so they fit my budget perfectly! They are also BUAV approved (they don't test on animals) and their masks are vegetarian friendly!

The first mask they sent me is the Sauna Red Hot Earth Anti Stress Mask*. I've never tried the self heating ones so I cannot wait to give this one a go and report back to you on it!

Next is the Peel Off Passion Pulped Pomegrante Mask* which claims to deep cleanse, purify and protect! I've tried this particular one before and it smells really nice and I found it really did give my skin a deep cleanse. I love the feeling of my skin the night after using their peel off masks. As you peel it off all the nasties hiding in the cracks of your face get peeled off as well so it really does cleanse your skin well!

Finally this is the Red Earth Clay Spa Mask in Pulped Pomegrante*. I've never tried the red earth clay masks so I'm very interested to try it out as it claims to give your skin an 'unbelievable deep cleanse!' It has real clay, pomegrante and cinnamon in it. This is a sheet/fabric masks as well which I'm a big fan of as they are fuss free and make taking off the mask a million times easier!

I haven't really tried a big variety of masks from other brands but none have ever been up to the standard of Montagne Jeunesse. I recently saw they do hair masks as well so I might treat myself and try one of them, my hair could definitely do with some deep conditioning treatments!

What is your favourite face mask(s) to use?

Thanks for reading,
Shona x


  1. I haven't tried any of these you reviewed, but I do love their masks! My favorite is the dead sea one!

    1. :) I've tried the dead sea ones before as well, they are all just fab, haven't found any so far that I haven't liked! xx

  2. I bought these a while ago yet haven't had chance to try them out, I can't wait though :)

    Elle xxx

  3. I want to try the Pomegranate one xx


  4. I love these masks so much! Used them for years haha, my favourite ones are the peel off ones - Peel off passion and the cucumber peel off masque too! Xx

    1. I haven't tried the cucumber one, will put that on my wishlist! xx