money money money


Some say it makes the world go round.
Some have a lot of it.
And some want a lot of it.

Whatever you think you can't deny that money plays a massive part in the world. We've gone from cavemen that survived on catching animals and sleeping on the floor to being completely dependent on money and the things you can buy with it.

I'm not saying that we could survive without money, we are far too advanced as human beings to be without it and we've been dependent on it for longer than I can remember. 
But, does this mean that you need money to be happy?

Sophia from Tattooed Tea Lady posed this question on twitter:

If you had the option to live a life of luxury, with unlimited money and resources, would you? I think it'd get boring.

This got me thinking, a lot. Here is my exact response.

Money isn't everything, you have to struggle in life to become stronger and you need to learn from your mistakes, yes money would make my life easier but if I'd been spoilt as a child and had everything I could ever wish for I certainly wouldn't be the person I am today.

I stand by this comment.

Yes money would make my life easier but that doesn't mean that all my worries would drift away...

To say life hasn't been easy for me is an understatement. Honestly, if I told you everything 'bad' that has happened in my 15 years of life you wouldn't believe me. I've never told anyone everything. This is the point where I draw the line on my blog for discussing my personal life so you'll just have to take my word for it but, money does come into it.

As much as I haven't enjoyed my childhood as much as others might have and I wish things had been different one thing I don't wish for is that my family could afford to buy me everything I could ever dream of. If someone offered me an easy life with all the money I could ever need and more I'd turn them down straight away.

You don't need money to be happy.

Why do you need a flash car or a luxurious mansion to have a laugh with your friends?

Why do us human beings want more and more and more?

I know for a fact that I'd get bored of having all the money in the world. I think Em from Em Talks sums it up better than me though:

it's like the Sims! Once you cheat and get all the money, it's so boring! 

So, I pose you this question.

If I offered you an easy life with all the money you could ever need would you accept or decline? And more importantly, why?

Shona x

Whatever your opinion on this subject I will respect it. I ask that you respect others opinions as well


  1. Wonderful blog post.
    Money would make life easier and alot less of a struggle but i look at my parents and realise the fact that they don't have much makes them such better people. I hope it's the same with me! You have to fight and struggle when you don't have much money but doesn't that make you a more grounded and stronger person? I do however think i would except but continue in the life i am living. I so desperately want to give to people who have less than i do. It would be so rewarding to give to others. I would run the risk of just becoming selfish though! AHHHH! it's such a hard question. I think it all depends on your motives and intentions :)

    1. Thanks lovely,

      I'd do the same I think, continue my life as it was but take the money and help others, donate to the hospitals I go to, charities that are close to my heart and generally help those who have less than me xx

  2. Although it would nice to have had a priveledged (in the terms of money and social status) life, I don't think even if I had, I would fit in. I've been brought up to know what it's like to have very little food and not much money to keep a roof over a families head. Nowadays if I want to treat myself to something, I'll save up. But even then I spend months looking at that saved up money persuading myself as to why I shouldn't spend it. I think those who have unlimited amounts of money forget the simple pleasures in life. And although yes, it would be nice to have anything you ever wanted, I genuinely think I would find it exceptionally boring. xo

    1. Completely agree. When you've been brought up on not too much you realise how tough life can be and because of that the simple things in life make me the happiest. When you are presented with a lot of money you can forgot those things and a lot of people who win lots on the lottery end up spending it all and finding themselves unhappy xx

  3. This is really thought provoking post. I hve to say as the last 25 year haven't been all rainbows and butterflies for me I would probably accept it.
    Whilst money for me has caused me huge distress and heartache - to know that myself and my family would never be in agonising situations again I would probably take it. It would be more about security for me than social status and obvious wealth. I would like for once to just be able to say "do you know what mum don't worry about it anymore its paid off" or treat my family to a really nice holiday to let their hair down.
    So in a nutshell yes I would accept but not so I could splash the cash and flaunt it. Just as a security blanket for me and my family xxx

    1. I can't decide whether I would or not even if it was just so my family had a more comfortable lifestyle. Probably sounds a bit mean aha! It would be nice to have security blanket of money but at the same time I think I'd still loose site of all the simple things that I enjoy xx

  4. I'd accept, but only for two reasons!
    My education and my mum.
    I'd pay off my student loan, and I'd pay off my mums mortgage!


    1. All very valid reasons, personally I think I'd still decline though, people must think I'm so mean aha! x

  5. This is a really good post and its definitely one that makes you think.
    I for one would like a little more money so that im more financial comfortable but i don't think i'd like to be stinking rich where i could buy every single thing i wanted because i think it loses the novelty of treating yourself. I was brought up in a way that if i wanted something i had to earn it or save up for it myself and thanks to that im a lot more appreciative of things and i don't expect things to fall into my lap without effort.
    Natalie xx

    1. Thanks :)

      Agreed, I would like a little more money but nothing that would make me rich, again agree, I love saving up and treating myself now and then, I wouldn't like to be able to afford to do that every week! Same, hence why I got myself a paperound as soon as I turned 13! x

  6. Yes i'd take the money.
    Yes it would make me happier. No more worrying and budgeting to make sure our children have everything they need.
    It would also mean our children could have the best education and if they wanted they would be able to go onto further education without the stress and worry of loans being on their shoulders for years after they graduate. They would have every life experience they dream of and that would make me happy.
    We've evolved from being caveman. We can no longer survive in this country with just our wits and a swiss army knife.
    Most people who say money wouldn't make them happier already have enough or don't have others to think about or aren't thinking too far in the future.
    I'll probably get a load of backlash for this opinion, bring it on.

    Jules x

    1. You're entitled to your opinion lovely, I respect it and if others don't thats their problem :) I can see both sides :) Money may make me happy temporarily but it doesn't solve every problem in my life and ultimately I know that it would end up making me unhappy xx