Mini Haul // Sephora, Barry M and LUSH

I thought I'd show you a few things that I've acquired recently. Two of the things were gifts and the other was bought with boots points so this haul is not breaking my spending ban in any way, shape or form!

First of all my lovely friend Hannah from Beginners Beauty went to Paris recently and she ever so kindly and generously brought back a little something for moi! Its a Sephora skincare gift set! I've recently been getting into skincare so that was reason to be excited and another was that its from Sephora! It comes with a eye makeup remover which is marvellous but stings my eyes a bit (although I may have used too much!). It also has a instant moisturiser, instant de-puffing gel and a supreme body lotion, all of which I shall be trying this week! Thank you Hannah x

Then whilst I met up with Hannah we naturally popped into Boots and I was after a basic pink lip liner. I had planned to get a Rimmel one but I don't know why but I forgot about it?! I really wish I'd gone for Rimmel now! This is a Barry M lip liner in 13 and at first look it seemed to be a basic light pink lip liner, just what I was looking for! But, it became apparent when I got home that it was very light, it should be find for going under lipsticks but I still wish I'd gone for Rimmel!

Finally my mum kindly bought me a LUSH bath bomb! This is the Ickle Baby Bot, a personal favourite of mine! I can't wait to use it, although I'm still getting through my LUSH backlog from Christmas! I'm really wanting some of the LUSH easter goodies and I mean REALLY wanting! Hopefully they'll still be in shops after my ban has ended but there is no guarantee as I up can't just up and go to town  :(

Have you bought anything recently?

Thanks for reading,
Shona x


  1. That travel skincare kit from sephora seems really nice for traveling.

    Miri xx

  2. I love lush! I haven't tried that one yet, I know what you mean about the easter products! They look so cute and sound like they would smell delicious!

    1. :) I think its only £1.95 but its really nice :) x