100 Day Spending Ban Update and Wishlist #8

I'm now on day 67 of my Spending Ban. Good Lord! Hands up if you didn't think you'd get this far? (even if you may have had a slip up or two...)

Not much has occurred since last time I saw you, I haven't slipped up again. I did buy a Barry M Lip Liner with my boots points though (this is allowed!) as I was after a basic pink to go under lipsticks. However after now trying it on my lips the colour is VERY baby pink, it should be ok under a pink lipstick, I'm happy I didn't spend actual money on it though. I managed to not buy anything yesterday when I met up with Hannah from Beginners Beauty which is quite an achievement! 

Wishlist wise I'm not after too much...

The new Seventeen Rock Hard Nail Polishes came out recently and I will definitely be picking up at least one shade once my ban is over! They are only £3.99 and give your nails a leather/rock effect like the Nails Inc ones that I've been lusting after.

I've also been wanting the new Barry M Textured Nail Paints in the two middle colours. These are also only £3.99, I seem to be wanting a lot of nail polish at the moment!

I also want to try some lip liners so leave me some highstreet recommendations in the comments!

That's about it really, I'm not really wanting anything a lot this week. 

I am however making the decision to end my Spending Ban on the 25th March. That means I would have completed 82 days, I never thought I'd do a week so I'm more than happy with that.

How's your ban going? If you're not doing one do you think you could survive all 100 days?

Thanks for reading,
Shona x


  1. Rimmel do some amazing lip liners. I used one in my Katy Perry look and was seriously amazed at the difference and lasting power of the lipstick you put on top of it! :)

    1. I do look at getting a rimmel one and they were the same price, I really wish I went for Rimmel now! x

  2. I don't want to rub it in but the textured ones from Barry M are great haha x

  3. I'll second the Rimmel liner recomendation!
    You've done so well, I lasted a week before giving up and splashing out on Nars of all things x

    1. :) I will definitely have to try Rimmels then!

      Aww, you might want to check out my last update and haul, I haven't done as well as you think aha! xx