The Best of the Best | Your Favourites #1

Its time to pass things over to you! I've told you about two of my favourite bloggers (Sophia and Helen) but now its about time I found out yours.

You've been leaving me comments and posts talking about your personal favourites and I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone that has contributed, so far! There is still chance to share your favourite, I will be doing more of these posts if people want to join in. Just leave a comment talking about your favourite blogger/blog and you'll all be featured in a 'Your Favourites' post.

First up is Marvelle from Blog Of Shadows and she has nominated Amy from Paint Potted.

Marvelle Says:

I'd like to nominate Amy from paintpotted.co.uk . Her photos are always stunning and her layout is so easy, clean and simple yet has lots of personality. Her blog is filled with personal posts so I feel like I know her as a friend and not a blogger! Her reviews are always honest and concise and I fully trust her opinion. :)


Rebecca-Louise has done 2 posts on her favourite bloggers you can find them here:


Here are just a few blogs she talks about |





Finally Natasha from Shot of Beauty shares one of her favourite blogs The Sunday Girl.

A blogger I rate highly is The Sunday Girl - she uploads a lot of content and its always fresh and exciting with a range of products. I love her blog x


A big thank you to everyone who got involved.

Now you've seen just how easy it is maybe you could share one of your favourites in the comments? The blogger you talk about doesn't have to be your Number 1 favourite, pick one from your favourites :) Or maybe you could share two? If you'd like to share more than 1 that's fine but please don't just leave the links for them, write a few sentences on how lovely they are their blog is/are!

Thanks for reading,
Shona x


  1. I'd like to nominate Sammi from http://tinypaintpot.blogspot.co.uk/ :)

    I love her blog, its so unique and I really feel like I know Samantha not just from her lifestyle posts, but from the way she "speaks" to the reader. Its like talking to a friend. Her layout is beautiful. I love her lifestyle posts and her beauty reviews are always honest, I completely trust what she has to say (I am totally lusting after Nars Sheer Glow foundation now!) and especially love the appearance of certain furries who sometimes come to say hello :)

  2. This is lovely. I have a couple of people I would like to nominate!

    I would love to nominate Marvelle from Blog of Shadows because her makeup looks, reviews and tutorials are the best I have come across. She does some amazing eye-looks and gives me the enthusiasm and excitement to both try to recreate some of her looks, as well as trying to experiment more!

    I would also like to nominate Becky from Beckys Makeup whose blog has very quickly become a favourite to read. Her blog is a blog I am inspired by. Everything about it is perfect for me. Total blog envy!

    :) xo

    1. Thanks for nominating Sophia :) I love both of their blogs, Marvelle's skill with makeup is just unbelievable! xx

  3. Yay there's mine! :) I follow so many blogs and have so many favourites I'm not sure I can even narrow it down! I might have to get back to you on this one :)

  4. Aw this was so nice to read!

    I have three that I'd like to nominate:-

    Marvelle from Blog of Shadows - She really is one of the nicest people I've come across through blogging and her posts are always inspiring. I've loved everything I've bought on her recommendation.

    Evelyn from We Were Raised By Wolves - One of my favourite beauty blogs that I have enjoyed reading since I started blogging. Her layout is clean and neat and her photos demonstrate the products beautifully. I also love her monthly book roundups, have read some great books because of her!

    Sam from Tiny Paint Pot - Not only do I love reading her beauty reviews but her photography is beautiful and inspires me to pick up my camera more. I love the amount of lifestyle/personal posts she injects into her blog as there's so much personality present.


  5. I love The Sunday girl. She posts lovely reviews :)