Sleek Ultra Mattes Darks | Swatched + Reviewed

This is the second palette I bought from Sleek and also its the other half of the 2 fully matte palettes that they offer. To see the bright's palette that is full of bright and neon shades click here. I've also already done a look using the brights palette which you can find here.

But this post is all about this perfect palette for any smokey eye lover!

I love that the shades have names

First Row

Orbit | This is a teal colour with brilliant pigmentation.

Ink | This is a dark navy blue shade with brilliant pigmentation.

Highness | This is a brighter colour than most of the shades and is a true purple with great pigmentation

Noir | This is the matte black in the palette and has brilliant pigmentation.

Dune | This is a sand shade with good pigmentation.

Pillow Talk | This is a creamy white shade with good pigmentation.

Second Row

Thunder | This is a medium grey shade with great pigmentation.

Maple | This is a red-ish brown shade with brilliant pigmentation.

Flesh | This is a darker sand colour with great pigmentation.

Paper Bag | This is your basic dark brown shade with brilliant pigmentation.

Villan | This is a very dark purple shade with brilliant pigmentation.

Fern | This is a dark green shade with brilliant pigmentation.

These shades have brilliant pigmentation, I'm impressed by all the shades. The pigmentation is better than the bright's palette but that might be a little down to the colours being darker.

These have great lasting power with a primer just like the bright's palette.

Also you can create all sorts of smoky looks with this and some really unique looks, I can't wait to show you! You have all your basic dark shades like your browns and blacks but I love that there are purples, greens and even a turquoise shade. This means you can mix up your smokey eye. However, you don't just have to create a smokey eye with this palette, but that's for another post...

I'm so glad I bought the matte versions of the palettes, I really love them!

Do you prefer matte or shimmer/satin eyeshadow's?

Thanks for reading,
Shona x


  1. Wow these colours are so nice and pigmented! Looks like such a good palette :) xx


    1. They are so amazingly pigmented, definitely of a similar quality to my Urban Decay eyeshadows! xx

  2. This palette is on my list. Neeeed! x

    1. Aha :) Its great and makes a pleasant change from shimmery/satin eyeshadows! x

  3. Orbit is my favourite shade I think x

    1. Its one of my favourites as well, I don't have anything like it in my collection :) x

  4. Wow this palette is gorgeous! I love smoky eyes, so this is definitely on my wish list. Great review and swatches xx


    1. :) I love that you can change up the typical smokey eye by adding green, purple, turquoise etc with this palette! Thanks :) xx

  5. Maple is such a pretty colour!

    1. I love it, I don't have any shade like it, its great for warming up the crease and I think it goes nicely with my skintone and hair colour :)

  6. love sleek eyeshadows. Such pretty colors..