MUA Gel Eyeliner in Tribe | Review

My last EOTD was a bright blue eyeliner look (read here)  and I briefly mentioned what I used but it occurred to me that I never reviewed it. 

Gel Eyeliner has always appealed to me so when I saw MUA were bringing some out I was excited as you know MUA are one of my favourite brands. 

I have one of the 4 shades available, Tribe.

The eyeliner itself is quite soft and creamy but this makes it easy to get on your brush and easy to apply. The packaging comes with a brush hidden within. As you can see mine needs a clean. The brush isn't too bad, I have neutral feelings towards it. Sometimes I like using it but other times I'd prefer to use a separate eyeliner brush.

The pigmentation of this shade is really good as you can see by the picture below. It lasted around 5-6 hours on me which is pretty good for an eyeliner that is only £3. These days that's about the time I'm wearing makeup for as well so the lasting time is good for me.

This eyeliner goes great with a neutral eye and a pinkish nude lip. But you can pair it with whatever you fancy!

I'm glad I've found a way to use this as for ages I had no idea how to wear it. I'm wearing blue eyeliner really often now, I've been told it really suits my eyes by you lovely followers!

Thanks for reading,
Shona x

Disclaimer: I was sent this product for review consideration but this never effects my opinion  I am always 100% truthful in my posts and would never lie to my readers. This post is not sponsored. All opinions are my own.


  1. I might try the black one when my current gel eye liner runs out because it would be a lot cheaper. Love MUA!x

    1. I'd recommend them, I've heard lots of good things about the Maybelline one as well though but I would recommend the MUA one :) xx

  2. This colour looks so good on you :)

  3. I received this in the post yesterday. I sort of went Eek!! when I first saw it as it looks so bright in the bottle but it looks great on you.

    Thanks for the review, I'm going to go try it now :o)

    Jac x0x


    1. That was my first reaction! Hope you make it work for you! xx

  4. Ah it looks amazing. It goes well with your eyes!

  5. Looks lovely on you :) I am so rubbish at applying gel eyeliner, I've tried with brushes, the pen type ones, other types and I am rubbish and it's such a shame as this is a lovely product. It really compliments your eyes too :) lots of love xxxx


    1. Thank you hun :) I am rubbish at applying eyeliner in general aha, this is the first time I've kinda got it right, I only really wear eyeliner on my waterline and tightline most of the time :) Thanks again lovely xxx

  6. This is a beautiful eyeliner...looking gorgeous :)