Mini Haul and Spending Ban Update #7

I'm now 53 days into my Spending Ban and I've cracked. 

I had a small mishap a few days ago but its not that bad. I purchased both products with money I'd made from my blogsale so I haven't really lost anything. One of the products I'd planned to buy when I go shopping so I've saved myself a bit of money from it.

I thought I'd showed you what I bought whilst I'm here.

First I purchased a full size Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion that had been barely used from a blogsale. This only cost me £4! I couldn't say no to a bargain like this, could you? I will definitely be reviewing it for you all. I've wanted to try it for ages and the ELF eyelid primer that I'm using isn't all that great so I'm hoping I love this one!

Then I purchased the Rimmel Apocalips in Luna from another blogsale. This was only £3 (plus £1 for postage) and I really wanted it after seeing some pale beauties sport this shade amazingly well. I will be reviewing this fully after I get the other shade I want, Celestial. They are very pigmented though and for this shade they are too pigmented so I  blended it out with my finger and I love the result! I love the shade so far, I'm not going to say much else as I've only had it for a few days.

 There isn't much else to say about my ban at the moment, I did a wishlist here the other of a few things that I want to get when I go shopping so don't feel I need to do another.

And then I also went shopping yesterday, as planned but just a week earlier. You can see what I brought here. I think I spent about £32 (Oops!)

Total Spending this week | £40 (BIG OOPS!)

Would you have cracked for either of my blogsale bargains?

Thanks for reading,
Shona x


  1. It's so hard not to crack isn't it. Spending money from your blogsale makes it ok. Love the look of luna on you




    1. Isn't it just! For the 1st 30 days I was fine and then the shopping urges kicked in! That's what I keep telling myself anyway aha :) Thanks xx

  2. This is fine - I don't think I could last either, plus as you said - it's money from a blogsale so it's fine! :P (but then again, us bloggers could make up any excuse to make it reasonable! haha!)

    I love the Luna lip laqueur, looks great on you!

    Amy xo

    1. :) Very true, any old reason to get away with spending aha :)

      Thanks lovely, I bought it because lots of people with pale skin suited it so I'm glad it suits me :)x

  3. the color is looking gorgeous on you :)