Rediscovering | Calvin Klein Lipstick in Ethereal

This is the first post in a new series here on my blog. Recently I've been rediscovering old favourites in my makeup collection due to me being on a Spending Ban. I thought I would share these with you all.

The first product to show you all is this gorgeous Calvin Klein Lipstick in Ethereal. I'd describe it as a coral pink shade. I got this in a swap quite a while back and for the first month or so after getting it I loved it. I'm not sure why I pushed it to the back of the draw but recently I've started using it more.

I love this shade on my lips and can't wait to wear it more often.

I don't own any coral lipsticks and this is as close as I've got in my collection . I never saw myself wearing any kind of coral shade but maybe once my spending ban is over I'll try a more coral lipstick.

Thanks for reading,
Shona x


  1. really nice colour i have tagged you in my tag hope you can do it


  2. I have a bright red lipstick in this formula- I'm going to dig it out and use it tomorrow, I forgot I had it! This is a lovely colour!xxx

    1. I hope you enjoy 'rediscovering' it! Since writing this post I've used mine a lot more xxx

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    1. Thanks :) Wanted to take advantage of the snow