NOTD | Pink and Sparkly

My relationship with pink has changed over these past few years. I used to hate pink with a passion but I've found myself liking it more and more over the last few months. 

This is my favourite pink nail polish and I'm surprised I haven't done a NOTD with it before. Its stunning. You'll be happy to know that you can still get this colour after NO7's change. I suggest you snap it up as soon as possible!

 Sally Hansen Insta-Dri | NO7 Stay Perfect in Milan | Miners Nail Whitening Treatment

As you can see its utterly gorgeous and no photo will ever do this nail polish justice!

This will forever be my favourite and I'm nearly out of it so as soon as my spending ban is over I'll be straight down to boots to get some more.

I won't give you a mini review of the nail polish as usually do as the formula etc may have changed since the brand itself had a change. 

If you're a nail polish lover by me you need this stunning shade in your collection!

Are you in love with this nail polish as much as I am?

Thanks for reading,
Shona x


  1. Wow what a gorgeous colour!! Does the nail whitening treatment work? xxx

    1. :) When you just wear it on my nails on its own it does make my nails feel whiter but it doesn't make my nails whiter I don't think, its a good base though, I don't get any staining when I use it xx

  2. Such a gorgeous colour! xx


  3. does the insta-dry actually work? I've tried loads of similar products and none of them have worked ! lovely post :)

    1. It definitely does! Prolong's wear time and it dries my nails a lot quicker :) x

  4. So so pretty,gorgeous color!