My furry friends | Marmite and Bruiser

Today I asked on twitter if people would like to see a post about my cats, full of adorable photos. I received a lot of yes's!

So here you go, a post all about my furry friends, enjoy!

I (we) have two cats. We got Marmite first and she was adorable when she was a kitten. Unfortunately I don't have any photos of her when she was a kitten but she was cute. Then a few years later Marmite had 4 kittens. We sold 3 of them and kept one: Bruiser! Unfortunately only 2 of the 4 cats are still alive :(

This post is mainly going to be pictures but if there is a story behind some of the pictures I'll tell you all about their adventures! I have more pictures of Bruiser but have got some off family members of Marmite.


(Bottom left picture) Marmite hated that Santa hat, she did look very sweet in it though!

Marmite isn't very photogenic, which is probably why I don't have many photos of her. She is extremely affectionate especially towards my Mum. Her favourite places to sleep is my brothers pillow and my bed. She loves playing with string and constantly tells Bruiser off.


(top right picture) Bruiser saw a birds nest in the tree and decided to go up and investigate, fortunately for the birds he couldn't get up to it.

I love his chocolatey almost ginger mane.

This was when we gave him a bath today! He actually didn't mind it, he quite likes water.

Bruiser caught a frog about a year and a half ago. Don't worry he didn't eat it. He only liked the frog because every time he tapped the frog it made a squeaking noise, he loved it! The frog got away safely eventually, probably traumatised though! 

Bruiser is extremely affectionate and soppy! He loves fuss and you know he wants a belly rub as he'll sit into of you, miaow and then flop onto his side. He's still a kitten at heart and loves playing with hair bands. We ping them across the room and he loves chasing them, we're trying to teach him to bring the hair band back!

I love my cats and they make me so happy. 2 years ago Bruiser was hit by a car the day we came back from our holiday. We took him to the vets and we were faced with either putting him to sleep or paying out nearly £1,000 for him to have an operation on his hip. It was a horrible time, I was devastated but naturally we put ourselves in debt and he had the operation. He stayed in a cage in the living room for about 8 weeks and slowly he started to recover. Nowadays he is fine and bounces around like nothing happened! His legs are a little uneven but it doesn't bother me.

Pets are like family and the thought of losing them is horrible. They aren't just an animal they are a best friend.

Do you have any pets? Share your funny stories about them below!

Thanks for reading,
Shona x


  1. Ahhh your cats are lovely! I have 2 kittens that we got in September called Rocky and Rambo. Rocky is pure black and I think he will look exactly like your cat when he gets bigger. Rambo is a tabby cat with brown and black stripes. They're so cute! :) xx

    1. :) I adore them! Awwwww <3 Kittens are the best, just so adorable! xx

  2. Aw, your cats are so cute! I don't have any pets :( i'd love to get a little puppy but my mum wont let us so i have to wait til i eventually get my own place.
    Natalie xx

    1. Thanks, I think they are too :) Aww :( You should, puppies are really cute, I love little dogs but I'm not keen on big dogs xx

  3. OMG How adorable are they Bruiser looks a bit like my Jaspers dad :)

  4. Your cats are lovely :o)

    I have a huge black cat that we picked up off the side of the road when he was a kitten, he had been thrown from a moving car but fortunately survived. We took him to the Vet and now he is all better and grown up! Thinks he's human, such a big baby, we love him dearly.

    We called him Indi, short for Indian Ink!

    1. Thanks :) Awww, that is so good of you! I'd do the same :) Aww cute name! xx

  5. Bruiser looks so much like my Puff!

  6. Aww your cats are lovely, I have one called Tom he's ginger and is 11 this year so getting old now haha xxx

    1. Thanks :) aww, aha, I find older cats are always up for sitting on your lap :) xx