Betrousse Christmas Beauty Box

The Betrousse Christmas Box* only turned up a few days ago on my doorstep so do excuse the late review. However the box is still available to purchased on the Betrousse website so felt it was still appropriate to talk about it.

Forte Phrama UK Turbo Slim Chrono Activ £29.95 (28 tablets)
These are slimming tablets. I have a strong opinion on these kind of tablets and I don't think it was appropriate to put them in a beauty box. Loosing weight is about good diet and exercise and dieting pills aren't healthy for your body. I don't think its good that Betrousse are promoting these by putting them in the Christmas box.

Laboratoire LDA-Soins Experts Hydra Cream Expert £34
This cream claims to fight against dehydrated skin and wrinkles. Recently I've found some fine lines under my eyes *EEK!* and talked about it on twitter. I found that lots of ladies said there is no problem using wrinkle creams young, if they work they'll help you out when you are older. I might actually try this rather than passing it on to my mum or nan. It claims to fight dehydrated skin as well and I have dry skin so I guess it can't do me any harm to give it a go.

Charme D'Orient Relaxing Body Massage Cream £16
Everyone loves to pamper themselves so I'm definitely looking forward to trying this out on my body. However the card that Betrousse provide says to use this on your face, neck and body. But the product says  to not apply on your face. I'm slightly confused by this and I think I'll listen to the product and avoid my face when trying this out.

Skinetica Anti-Blemish £9.99
I've heard lots of good things about this and I'm always up for trying something that claims to soothe, calm and clear my skin. I can't weight to try this out and see if it helps my skin, I'll definitely report back to you about this product.

Saffron London Cracking Nail Polish 75p
Again? Really? This was featured in the last box and I said it then and I'll say it again, I hate crackle nail polish. I think this was a rubbish product to put it the last box and putting it in again just makes it even worse. I'll be passing this onto a friend or relative.

Tattyoo Betrousse Tattoo £5
I thought this was a box for women? I feel like I'm in junior school again?! I really think this was a pointless product to put in and a waste. I won't use them and I don't know anyone who will?

Montagne Jeunesse Dead Sea Mud Spa £1.49
MJ masks are basically the only face masks I use. I really love them and I'll definitely be using this one. I've tried this particular mask before and really liked it. Its a sheet mask as well which makes you look strange but I like them. I'm happy to see this feature in the box.

Overall this was not a good box for me. I think the only products I'm actually happy to see is the Skinetica and the face mask. Other than that some products I really don't like seeing in the box and the rest I have neutral feelings towards.

What do you think?

Thanks for reading,
Shona x


  1. I started using eye creams at about 15, so your age, and I think it's such a good idea starting young :) It's meant to prevent you getting wrinkles at a younger age! Great post :) xx


    1. I hope it will benefit me, I already use eye cream but it doesn't help much so I'll give this a go! Thanks xx

  2. I really don't understand why they put diet pills in a beauty box....

    At your age the lines under your eyes are most likely due to dehydration. Just start using a basic eye cream and that should help.

    1. yeah neither :/ I drink at least 8 glasses of water a day and I use an eye cream so its probably due to stress

  3. Wow I can't believe there were slimming pills in there... Crazy! xx

    1. I know :/ A massive disappointed and stupid decision! xx

  4. I think I'd have been very disappointed with this one too, especially the slimming pills and fake tattoos :/ xx

    1. Yeah, the fake tattoos?! I mean really?! I don't think their target audience is 5 year olds! xx