100 Day Spending Ban | Update and Wishlist #3

It was never going to be easy forever.

Honestly, I've struggled this week. My favourite brand, MUA, are starting an offer tomorrow that is killing me inside. For all those who aren't keeping their purses shut you can indulge yourself in 50% off all MUA products, bar the vanity case, plus free shipping. 

There are so many things I want to get from MUA at the moment as you'll see by my wishlist. Am I starting to regret doing this spending ban? Not at all. I may be struggling but I know that everything I want will still be there in April. It may not be half price *hold's back tears* but it will still be there.

So there you go, I've finally found this difficult! I haven't cracked yet though which is the most important thing.

I've done my wishlist this week a bit differently. I'm showing you what I would have ordered from MUA if I wasn't on a spending ban.

1. Cover and Conceal Wand £1.50 (75p)
2. Matte Perfect Loose Translucent Powder £2.30 (£1.15)
3. Matte Perfect Primer £4 (£2)
4. Pro-Base Conceal and Brighten Kit £2.50 -on offer from £3.50- (£1.25)

sorry it says 4 instead of 5, blame that on the fact I'm typing this at nearly 1am!

5. E3 Blending and Shadow Brush £1.95 (98p)
6. False Eyelashes in Flair £2 (£1)
7. Eye Primer £2.50 (£1.25)
8. Mega Volume Mascara £3 (£1.50)

9. Intense Kisses Gloss in Kiss and Makeup £2 (£1)
10. Lipstick in Shade 13 £1 (50p)
11. Lip liner in Pink Me Up £1 (50p)
12. Lip liner in Softly Lined £1 (50p)

13. Poptastic Palette £4 (£2)
14. Eyeshadow in Shade 4 £1 (50p)
15. Eyeshadow in Shade 9 £1 (50p)
16. Eyeshadow in Shade 28 £1 (50p)

Sub-total | £31.75
Total | £15.88

£16 for all that! That's a tiny £1 per product. Well making this wishlist didn't make me feel better, in fact it may have made me feel worse so I'll end it here!

Thanks for your support,
Shona x


  1. You are extremely brave not breaking your spending ban when MUA are having this offer..im being naughty and making an exception as their are lots of things i want to get and i just think its too good to miss out on.

    But kudos to you for not breaking your ban!
    Natalie xx

    1. Aha thanks, I don't know how i am doing it! xx

  2. Oh no what a bad time to have a spending ban haha! I've been looking forward to this MUA offer :) You've picked out some nice pieces! xx


  3. I think you should buy it! The whole point of the spending ban is to save money, so if you get it now, then continue with your ban, you've saved £15! Promise I won't tell on you;)

    1. Aww true but I can't , it would be completely breaking my rules :(

  4. Ohhh I need to try the Matte Primer! Well done or sticking to your ban honey xx

  5. That's a lot of items for a great price! Congratz on sticking to your guns!

  6. What a bad time to be having a spending ban! Well done for sticking to your spending ban though - It must be really difficult when there's a good offer like this one!

    But congrats for sticking to your spending ban, you're really brave:)
    Sarah xxx

  7. The 50% offer IS good but the thing thats keeping me strong is they quite often offer 50% off promos :) Well done for sticking with it hun, I bet that offer is making a lot of people fall off the wagon :)

    1. Definitely :) Thanks and now they have been messing people around with the offer and being plain rude I'm not sure I'm missing out on much anymore xx

  8. Well done to sticking to the ban! This is such a tempting offer, luckly the website is currently down and I have no money as I would of probably caved.
    Keep being strong lovely. xx

    1. Thanks :) Aha yeah, I've tried getting on for some info for a few MUA posts but can't get on, also the way they have treated their customers today hasn't been good but I love MUA products too much to boycott them!
      You too :) xx

  9. MUA is not available yet in my country so when I heard about their having huge sale + free shipping worldwide I rushed down to the site and ordered some, and then when I confused on which ones to get I googled it and that's how I came to visit your blog ;)

    I read all your MUA posts and decided to buy some items that you recommended, so thanks a lot for that! Also, I really love reading your blog and decided to join as your new follower :)

    Please feel free to visit my blog too, and maybe we can follow each other if you like mine ;)


    1. Aww, I'm glad my blog helped and I hope you love the products! Thanks for following xx