100 Day Spending Ban | Update and Wishlist #2

I'm now on my 11th day of the spending ban, only 89 days to go! 

I've found it really easy so far surprisingly, I've had no urge to spend. I even went into town yesterday (in the comfiest wheelchair ever may I say!) and didn't spend a penny. I browsed the makeup aisles in both boots and superdrug and was A-OK! 

There's been stuff that I want to get but I haven't had the kind of urge to go out and purchase them. I'm sure as we get further into the ban I'll start to struggle but at the moment I've had no problems.

My sister bought the new rimmel match perfection foundation though in the lightest shade and found that it was too light for her so gave it to me. I figured because I didn't buy it it doesn't count. This was then confirmed by a few other bloggers who are doing the spending ban as well. Phew!

Now for the wishlist, its quite small this week!

1. Rimmel Apocalips
These don't come out until January 23rd but I really would like to try them after my Spending Ban. I've heard they aren't great on lasting powder but that isn't something that bothers me with lip products.

2. OPI The Living Daylights
How gorgeous is this shade? I just have to have it! I love my glitters and especially chunky ones. Its not often I want a high end nail polish but I really love this one.

3. Revlon ColourStay Nail Polish in Bare Bones
I've seen this on plenty of blogs and I've found that my embarrassingly large nail polish collection lacks a nude shade. This is the nicest one I've come across.

4. Revlon Kissable Balm Stain in Crush
I own all but two of the UK shades of the Balm Stains but the only one I want that's left to get is Crush. I really don't like wearing reds so Romantic doesn't appeal to me but Crush would be very welcome to join my collection, I don't have any dark lip colours.

That's it for this week. This spending ban is easy peesy! 

Thanks for reading,
Shona x


  1. so happy it's going ok for you so far! That opi polish is sooo pretty! :D xx

  2. That OPI nail polish looks great. Good luck!

  3. Well done on yours spending ban! x

  4. Well done lovely. You are doing so well! x

  5. Well done hun! That OPI polish is gorgeous. I wasn't even going to do the spending ban but seeing as I have to pay a semester fee next month and haven't purchased anything this year yet I might as well jump on the bandwagon. Would have to make one exception though in case MUA hit 50,000 likes on Facebook tehe xx

    1. Thanks :) Aww yay! Welcome aha! Ahaha, are they having some kind of offer then? xx

  6. Glad it is going well for you lovely. x