Technic Fruity Lip glosses | Fruity Fail!

This was post was written to go onto katysblog.co.uk please do go take a look at the blog.
I didn’t expect too much from these as they aren’t a brand that I hear much about. I was hoping to be pleasantly surprised but that's unfortunately not always the case...
I have two colours, neither of them have names but on katyscosmetics.co.uk they are numbered. I really wasn't impressed by these glosses though so the lack of a proper name just added to my dislike even more.
This first one is a pink colour with glitter suspended in it. When I say glitter I mean full on glitter like the kind of thing you would put on your eyelids to make them sparkle. This made the gloss feel very uncomfortable on my lips and I immediately just wanted to take it off. However after taking it off I still found that there were bits of glitter on my lips, this gloss has a horrible texture to it.
This next one was better, but not by much. Its a sheer red colour. It reminds me a lot of the kind of product your mum gave your when you were little to play around with and then wreck. The pigmentation is poor and its sticky on the lips.
Both these glosses have a brush on applicator which is actually quite nice but its not enough to win me over.
I was very disappointed with these glosses and wouldn’t recommend them to anyone.
Thanks for reading,
Shona x


  1. That sucks. I hate trying something out and hating it. It ends up sitting in the drawer because you feel bad throwing out a new product.

  2. Sucks! Such a pretty product but such a waste!