Revlon Colourstay Quads

Recently I've heard mixed opinions over these quads so when I got them in my recent Canadian swap I was pretty excited to see whether they were brilliant or just plain rubbish.


I have two shades out of the 14 shades available, I'd say that's a impressive colour range. The green one is called Luscious and the neutrals one is named Brazen.

The colours are pigmented, nothing too WOW though. They do stay on all day when I use a primer, I never don't use a primer though so couldn't say whether they would last the claimed 16hrs on there own. However I know I certainly don't wear eyeshadow for 16 hours! 

I think they are nifty little quads to create a basic eye. The are shades in the line that a bit more vibrant so you could create a look that's a little bit more exciting but with these to its your basic neutral or green eye. There's nothing wrong with that though!

I prefered the Luscious over Brazen plainly because the neutral colours were just too boring and I'd pick my Naked2 over them any day. Luscious offers me an array of green toned colours ranging from a very light mint green to a dark forest green with a light green and a khaki colour in between.

It has a little guide on the back as well to help those beginners. I don't follow these guides but I think the idea is good.

Overall I like them but I can't see myself rushing out to buy more. Who knows though, I might suddenly love them?

Revlon ColourStay 16 Hour Eyeshadow Quad £7.99

Thanks for reading,
Shona x


  1. These look like handy quads to travel with. You can create a great look with both palettes. The green one is really pretty.

    1. They would be, I would still take my Naked2 instead though aha :) x

  2. I love the look of Luscious! Are these available in the UK as well then? I don't think I've seen them?



  3. I quite like these. Don't know why I haven't seen them anywhere! haha
    lovely post xx
    hareem x

    1. I haven't seen them in shops but I don't look at revlon or haven't recently but they are on the boots website :) Thank you! xx